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John Frieda Conditioner

Price: R95
Size: 250ml
Availability: Clicks stores

What out Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
In conjunction with the Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Shampoo, I have been using the Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Conditioner 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks and while I have not been particularly loyal to any specific conditioners so long as they leave my hair softer/stronger/smelling great, I can definitely say that I will be repurchasing this dynamic duo on my next toiletry shop.

My hair has been left softer, vibrant and the smell of the conditioner is right up my alley with its floral and citrus notes, the bottle reflects exactly its scent, with a peachy / gold bottle.

I have definitely noticed after using this conditioner my hair colour has remained vibrant, silky and soft! I even had someone ask me if I had just had my colour done 2.5 weeks into the trial! Once again – a great quality product delivers on its brand promise!
– Rosemary

I only needed a small amount of this super concentrated product which detangled my hair in an instant. This was a welcome change from most of the conditioners I have used and even high end priced products purchased at hair salons. It did a fantastic job and once again the safflower oil and bergamot extract left the hair so soft and fragrant. When combing out my hair, the comb glided through the hair and I was most impressed.

My only complaint regarding these fantastic products are the packaging as both shampoo and conditioner look identical and when in the shower, it is easy to reach for the wrong product. I would also be a bit wary of traveling with the tube container whose cap could easily slip open and leak out.
Overall I would highly recommend these products and would purchase them.

I noticed that my hair looked more shiny and manageable after using these products and it felt very silky to the touch. A few compliments were also received by friends and family who noticed that my hair looked more luxuriant. Thank you for the great opportunity to test these excellent products. I would love to try the other products in the Blonde range as well and I would consider purchasing them at a later stage. There are lightening shampoos, conditioners and sprays as well as purple shampoos and conditioners to reduce brassiness. All aspects of being a blonde are taken care of by John Frieda.
– Rene

I recently went blonde after 13 years of dying my hair “Over-the-Counter-Box-Black”… Needless to say – it has been a LOOONG and tiring process on my hair, which is naturally dark brown and frizzy.

I have been using the recommended salon “Silvering Shampoo” to get rid of the “yellow” tones, but usually ended up buying a R300+ product that leaves me with silver roots and golden tips… Not my desired look! It was a frustrating process to find a product to blend both my roots and my tips, and I found this product in the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde range, which comes in a Shampoo and Conditioner, both in a 250ml flip cap, tube container.

The product is specifically made for chemically treated hair and contains Safflower Oil and Bergamot extract.  With its color preserving formula, it helps you to keep your new blonde locks from fading whilst leaving your hair ultra-soft and silky smooth!  I’ve also noticed that it brings out the various highlights in my hair, which is platinum blonde and caramel blonde.

For best results I recommend leaving the shampoo in for a minute or two before rinsing and follow with the Everlasting Blonde conditioner. Unlike other conditioners, this conditioner rings true to the saying “less is more”…  The conditioner is so concentrated I only needed to use half the amount of conditioner I would normally use.  So it’s VERY economical as well :)
– Louise

As with the shampoo, this product draws you in because of the promise behind it – that my hair will continue to look freshly high-lighted for as long as possible after I leave the salon. However, as with the shampoo, as long as your hair is growing, unsightly root regrowth is inevitable. Furthermore, the conditioner is only applied to the ends of my hair and so I am not convinced of its over-all colour-preserving capabilities.

The conditioner itself seemed to be one that did not nourish my hair enough, yet still made it greasy. It is not my favourite conditioner by any means, and one I would describe as “average”, but I like the shampoo enough that I would probably buy it again “as part of the set”. Whether realistic or not, the promise behind the tag-line is too beguiling to ignore.
– Juliette


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