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Justine Skin Management For Men Triple-Action Foaming Face Wash Trial Team

Justine Skin Management

Justine’s foaming face wash for men cleanses, refreshes and moisturises. It conditions the skin leaving it smooth and comfortable. It also protects against dryness and irritation.

Price: R130.00
Availability: a sales representative near you – call 010 205 5000

What we say:
On receiving this product for testing, I immediately apply what I call the senses test. It’s got a very strong soapy scent to it, but when rubbed onto your skin it turns into a very smooth application, with an almost butter-like consistency. I applied a little water as per directions, but it did not lather up (foam) as much as I would have expected. But then again this is NOT a shaving foam. The consistency remains though.

I’m a sucker for flip-top “soft” tubes type of packaging, which in return adds to my overall rating of Justine triple-action foaming face wash. Acceptable size and content are part of the deal when purchasing this product. Ideal for softening skin before shaving, I found that this product in a great measure relieves irritation of my facial skin. It also leaves your skin with that cool sensation rather than the common burning sensation. Having a very tender and sensitive skin Justine’s Triple-Action Foaming Face Wash is just what the doctor should have ordered many moons ago. The effect on my skin is long lasting and I would highly recommend this product.

If ever you thought your skin was smooth after shaving, this product will double the effect. Moisture and dryness of the skin are the two rivals that battle against each other in this ultimate showdown in which Justine triumphs hands down. Apart from the soapy scent I don’t fancy that much, this product is on my shopping list. Overall a great product as you would expect from Justine.
– Matthys


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