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Look good the morning after

Look good the morning afterIf you’ve hit the town hard the night before, Beauty Heaven’s found some great ways to look good on those days when you don’t feel it.

So it’s the day after the party and you’ve got a whole day of activities planned. That would be great – if you didn’t feel so average after your big night on the town. Perhaps you had a few too many mojitos? Perhaps you stayed out well past your bedtime? It’s okay, we’ve all been guilty of those from time to time.

So what are the tricks to ensuring you keep up your flawless appearance on the days when you feel anything but? Well, there are a couple I’m happy to dish out, but you have to promise to take my advice, and keep the really big nights to a minimum. Permanently hungover isn’t a look that suits anyone, trust me on that.

Banish dullness and brighten your skin

With the festive season just around the corner, it pays to be prepping your skin now so that it’s well equipped to deal with big nights and a flurry of indulgences. Getting proactive in banishing dark spots and pigmentation is a great way to ensure a bright and even complexion that won’t be affected by a few wild nights out.

Remove last night’s make-up

Often it can be far too tempting to simply roll into bed with a full face of make-up and your sky-high heels intact, but you’re doing yourself and your complexion a massive disservice by doing so. A fresh face is most easily faked when it is in fact (even partially) fresh. That means clean, unclogged and breathable skin that hasn’t spent the whole night covered in heavy make-up.

Rock a light, dewy complexion

There’s nothing more luminous than a fresh and dewy complexion that doesn’t look ‘made-up’. A face weighed down with heavy make-up can make you look less radiant and more weathered, so try ditching the full-coverage foundations and opt for a tinted moisturiser that will provide just the right amount of glow and help to perk up your complexion by giving your skin a light luminosity.

Freshen up your mop

Nothing makes you feel better the day after a wild night than a spritz of an oil-absorbing dry shampoo that will help to remove the ‘icky’ feeling from your locks and replace it with a fresh scent.

What are your tips for looking hot the day after?

Written by Olivia, this article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.

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