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Lux Scarlet Blossom

Composed as a complex yet delicate bouquet of floral notes and infused with Fragrance Pearls, these tiny capsules contain a blend of the finest perfume oils, giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower.

Price: R18.99
Availability: Leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide

What we say:
WOW! What a pleasant surprise – a body wash that actually smells like a perfume after you’ve used it. This has a mild smell to it – not overwhelming. The best way for me to probably describe the smell is thinking of a bouquet of berries and red flowers – but I also think the rich red colour has something to do with that. It lathers great and you only have to use a drop or two on your loofah – not often do you get a product that’s so concentrated. This is a nice “warm feeling” product – perfect for those cold winter nights just soaking in a hot bath (I even pour a few drops in with running water to really be covered by the fragrance).

The bottle is easy to open with a flip cap and you don’t have to worry about any spillage – unlike screw caps… (urgh!!!!)
I have actually bought this a month or so ago and only finished my bottle recently, and I loved it. So would I buy it again – definitely! And it’s also reasonably priced under R30 for the 400ml bottle and under R20 for the 200ml bottle.
– Louise M

Lux never disappoints. The first thing you will notice about this body wash is the most awesome fragrance. The scent is incredible. (It smells good enough to eat) The body wash is soft on the skin and left my skin feeling silky and moisturised. In fact, the whole family loves it. I highly recommend this product and will definitely be using it regularly.
– Landy

My first impression on looking at the packaging is that it’s rather striking in its appearance. I love how the colour softly shades from white into pink, and then to red, and how it finally fades out into black. Red is such a sensual colour and with the burst of flame in the foreground, it alludes to you being left feeling sexy and irresistible. If I had to see this product in the shops, it is definitely something that I would be attracted to and interested in trying out. This product fits perfectly into your hand and you can open and close it with ease.

Opening up and taking a whiff of the smell, I find that it is extremely pleasant. It is not overpowering at all and is definitely not sickly sweet. It really is a fine fragrance. Using it for the last couple of days, I have really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. I’ve caught myself breathing in the scent and loving how it envelopes the entire bathroom when you use it. The smell is long lasting and I can still enjoy the fragrance on my skin long after use.

Just a small amount on my sponge provides the perfect lather and goes a long way. It soaps up well and is gentle and creamy on my skin, once rinsed off, my skin is left feeling so soft and smooth. My skin feels loved. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and stiff like a lot of others do.
It is luxurious! It’s become a favourite of mine and I will be buying more when its finished. It’s a great product.
– Claire

If you’re looking for a great shower gel or body wash, this is a must try. Lux Beauty Wash has a mild pleasant flowery smell, unfortunately it lingers off after about half an hour after a bath or shower. It performs great, feels luxurious, does not leave your skin dry and makes your skin feel refreshing and hydrated after using.

The liquid consistency is on the thicker side and it lathers well with a pouf or sponge and you don’t need mush to get a rich lather. The bottle is easy to open, it looks very feminine and it’s completely budget-friendly. I will recommend this to everyone, try it, for the price and quality you are getting, you would never be dissatisfied!
– Charlize

The product I received to review is a 200ml bottle. I like the shape of bottle and find that the flip cap is easy to open. I was not too keen on the actual label as I find that the colours look too masculine and I did not like the fragrance at all, I found it too overpowering.
It is a thick ‘reddish’ gel and lathers well. It feels soft on the skin while using, but then found that it had left my skin a little dry. I would recommend it to women who like a strong fragrance that lasts. It is reasonably priced. I personally would not buy ‘Scarlet Blossom’, but would still consider trying the rest of the LUX Beauty Body Wash range, and hopefully find one that is more suitable for me.
– Ginna


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