Make-up essentials for busy moms


If you’re a mom, there’s a good chance that your regular hour-long routine of primping and prepping has been reduced to a few spare minutes here and there. Long gone are the days of a full face of perfectly applied war paint, and a quick ponytail seems to have replaced your blow-dried waves. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair – we’ve identified a couple of beauty products you can apply in a flash.

BB cream
The ultimate multi-tasking product, BB cream is the answer to your time constraints. As it’s a moisturiser and foundation in one, you can skip all the extra steps and apply it straight after cleansing and SPF. Nourishment and cover means a beautiful complexion in one easy step!

Powder blush
If you have a blusher blush, you can literally sweep it across the top of your blush and apply with one swift sweep across the apples of your cheeks… Healthy glow in an instant!

If you’re one of those lucky supermoms who have a blemish-free complexion, skip this step. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably struggled with under eye circles and pesky pigmentation at some point or another. Buy a multipurpose liquid concealer – you’ll look healthier and more awake.

Lengthening mascara
What could be quicker than three or four coats of mascara, right? Opt for a lengthening formula to open up your eyes and make your lashes appear more luscious.

Tinted lip balm
Lip colour without the hassle, these are great for when you’re on-the-go. Plus they offer all the benefits of a regular lip balm, so you’ll be left with soft, hydrated lips too.

Clear nail varnish
You probably don’t have time to paint your nails, but once you see the difference even a clear coat makes, you’ll want to invest that extra five minutes. Buy a quick-drying polish and apply it at the end of the day when you get into bed. It only needs one coat, plus no one will notice when it chips. Bonus!

What are some of your favourite quick-fix products, Beauties?

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6 Responses

  1. I’m not a mom but these are still great tips for when you have a busy student and work life.

  2. My favourite quick fix product right now is Labello fruity shine. It adds great moisture, shine and a pretty colour all in 1!

  3. Great article! Us moms still need to feel beautiful and take care of our appearances. Thanks for the great tips

  4. Before I became a mom, I had alot of time on my hands to follow a proper beauty routine, nowadays I have to do my make-up in the car on the way to work. I normally just put on eye pencil, eye shadow & mascara..if I’m lucky I can still do blush and foundation. Thank you for the great advice, will try the BB cream!

  5. Wow, I am a very busy mum and definitely follow this beauty routine and still look beautiful. Thank you

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