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MontBlanc Legend Special Edition 2014 Trial Team

MontBlanc Legend Special Edition 2014

This 2014 version of the MontBlanc Legend Special Edition takes us into the depths of a deep blue universe. The fresh top notes include invigorating bergamot, lime, lavender, spearmint and fougere. The magnetic heart notes reveal green apple, cardamom, green violet leaves and the exclusive Pomarose. Finally, the scent settles into warm notes of sandalwood and cedar wood, ambrofix and evernyl.

Price: R995
Size: 100ml
Availability: Selected Edgars, Foschini, Stuttafords, Truworths and Woolworths stores nationwide

What we say:
Wow! That was my first thought that came to mind when I saw the MontBlanc Legend Special Edition box. It’s big, heavy and not very pocket friendly, but when I opened it, it all made sense. I was being treated to a whopping 100ml of pure sophistication! I really like the sky blue colour of the box and the word “Legend” in a 3-D style silver font made it look even more eye-catching.

The fragrance bottle itself is also quite heavy which is understandable since it’s made out of a thick glass to avoid cracking if accidentally dropped, which is a really good thing for all those clumsy men out there. As I’ve said earlier, it isn’t pocket friendy so if you’re planning to carry it with you to and from work, best bet is to keep it in a bag.

If you’re familiar with MontBlanc fragrances, you would notice that this one is a refreshed version of the original Legend fragrance and is suitable for work, a night out on the town and for virtually any other occasion. If you’re looking for a new everyday fragrance, MontBlanc Legend Special Edition 2014 is worth considering. 5 out of 5.
– Albert 

The new fragrance from MontBlanc is the best I have seen as yet. Definitely my favourite one! The MontBlanc Legend Special Edition has an energy and freshness to it that I really love! The smell lasts all day and will keep you feeling fresh and smelling great all day at the office.

The box attracted my eyes due to its striking colours. The first thing I noticed was the silver lines on the upper side of the box. The box itself is made out of a bluish coloured cardboard with the white MontBlanc name standing out from it. The word Legend is printed in a large silver font, which immediately stands out to the consumer.

The bottle itself is made out of a very strong glass and has a powerful and masculine look to it. The chrome bottle cap makes the fragrance look even more expensive than it really is. I’ll give MontBlanc Legend Special Edition 5 out of 5 stars. It will definitely make for a great birthday or father’s day gift.
– Johan

I was thrilled at having been selected to sample the MontBlanc Legend Special Edition after seeing so many positive reviews online. I was expecting a tiny vial of the fragrance, which would have given me 1 or 2 chances to tell if I liked it or not. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the package to reveal a 100ml cologne.

The box packaging is a sophisticated blue & grey. Inside is a bottle in the shape of a frosted water canteen, used by hikers, with the distinctive polished MontBlanc star emblem on the lid. The look of the bottle and the scent itself is very sophisticated and masculine.

It is a nice mix of woody aromas, so it is suited to those who like a more subtle fragrance. It isn’t that strong, but with that said I did get a few compliments when I wore it, so people did take notice. I like that it was fresh, yet not overbearing, and a little goes a long way. A great choice for everyday wear.
– Muhammad

The MontBlanc Legend Special Edition 2014 fragrance packaging is good, I would gladly prefer for it to be in a tin to make it easy for travel. When sprayed, the fresh notes hit your senses – masculine yet refreshing and it gives you the feeling like you are on a beautiful island. The bottle is sleek and stylish and the colour of the bottle is very calming.

This fragrance does it for me! Long lasting, intense all day freshness. I would definitely purchase another bottle. It’s good to have on when you are partying and moving your body to the beats as it doesn’t fade away easily. 10/10! Give it a try guys, your partners would sure love this intense freshness.
– Amrith

The product under review is the Mont Blanc Legend special edition for men. The packaging of the box is simple and the wording on the packaging is as well as the bottle is a nice touch. Silver wording or steel is always a winner in my books. I like the fact that the box is strong as I like to keep my cologne in their boxes after use. The bottle is well designed as it sets nicely in my hand while applying and has a good weight to it.

On application of the fragrance, you can immediately smell the product, which I like. I imagine this is an expensive product and you want to know the smell attracts the people you deal with.

Unfortunately the scent does not last longer than 2 hours nor have I had any comments past to me about the scent. I deal with people and often stand in personal space, yet I have had no comments past. I am happy with the product but will not wear it to work like I have now but rather a night out. Would I recommend to friends, yes but only guys who have money to spare to pay extra for the product. I won’t say I am unhappy with the product however would like the smell to last longer than 2 hours.
– Asghaab


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