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Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

Extra Gentle Cleanser provides more than just gentle cleansing for even the most sensitive and dry skin. This rich, dermatologist-recommended formula adds back moisture every time you use it. Skin is left more moisturised, so it retains resiliency and suppleness. With anti-irritants chamomile and vitamin E, its soap-free formula provides gentle yet effective cleansing, and it won’t leave a filmy residue that can clog pores.

Pricing: R79.95
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
I have always been a fan of the Neutrogena brand, especially their face washes! They were my best friend through my troubled times of acne, and the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser certainly did not disappoint! It is extremely light and gentle, and looks like a plain moisturiser when it comes out of the pump action nozzle. It is fragrance-free, perfect for sensitive skin! A small coin-sized amount (5 cent coin) lathers easily onto your face with a bit of water, and feels incredibly smooth and soft. The container is a fairly large bottle (in terms of face wash), so might not be great for traveling, but fits perfectly on the side of the basin. Luckily for me, it also removes tough eye make-up very easily. I am very much an all-in-one type of girl, so this is great! I think it is perfect for ladies in their early 20’s, who are always on the go!
– Lauren

I was super excited to try this cleanser when it arrived. I have always wanted to try Neutrogena but was too scared to veer away from my trusted Cetaphil. I have a sensitive, combination skin that is quite easily upset, so I prefer to use cleansers that are creamy and light, with no chemicals and soap and that are gentle on the skin. This cleanser was all those things.

The purpose of this cleanser is to clean your skin and slough away dead skins cells. The smell is lovely, not too potent just a clean, fresh smell. One thing to note is that it consists of small granules that gently exfoliate while you use it. My skin feels clean and refreshed after using this but not stripped or dry to the bone, which is one aspect that I love. The bottle has a nice pumping action, so the product comes out quite easily.

I would recommend it to ladies who have more of a combination to oily skin and maybe even slight acne. Most acne products are so harsh on the skin so it can be hard to find one that works and does not upset the rest of your face. But I think this is a great, basic cleanser for everyone. What is also nice is that for those budget conscious girls out there, this is like a cleanser and scrub-in-one! No need to buy two products!
 – Danielle

I have a very, very sensitive skin. If I steer away from my normal routine my skin doesn’t like it and I tend to break out into a rash and pimples. So when I got the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser to review I was a bit sceptical to use it. But, it proved me and my skin wrong. It is extra gentle. It is a creamy cleanser that removed impurities and left my face feeling nourished and cleansed. The pump bottle is easy to use and is great to keep in the shower. It has a lock funtion so if I needed to pack it in a toiletry bag I could.

If you are looking for something simple and fuss-free to use on your face, then I highly suggest this cleanser. It lives up to what it offers.
– Jodi


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