Nivea Daily Essentials Skin Refining Scrub Trial Team

Nivea Daily Essentials Scrub

Price: R49.99
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide

What we say:
The Nivea Daily Essentials Exfoliating Scrub is meant to remove impurities and dead skin cells to leave you with radiant skin. The packaging is suitable to Nivea standards and I have no complaints regarding it. The product itself is far from disappointing. It reminded me of beach sand as I used it and I could feel my face felt lighter, as if a huge weight was removed from my face.

My friends could notice a change in my skin tone saying that I had somewhat of a glow. Without hesitation I would recommend this product to those who have normal to combination skin as I have nothing but positive results and I no longer have to spend hundreds of Rands on my facial routine.
– Tyla

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