Our favourite base & top coats for the perfect manicure

top and base coats

Keeping your at-home manicure in perfect condition is no easy feat, and without the proper care and preparation, manicures can go from gorgeously polished to chipped in no time at all (and always at the most inconvenient time)!

To ensure your manicure stays in tip top shape for as long as possible, it is vital that you include a good quality base coat & top coat in your manicure routine. A base coat not only protects your nail bed from damage, but it also gives your nail polish a better base to adhere to. Finish off your manicure with a top coat to seal your polish and add a gorgeous high gloss shine – or matte finish if you prefer.

Essence Protecting Base Coat, R36.95
Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener, R120
Catrice Colour Brightening Base Coat with Keratin
Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat, R79.95
Mavala Mavadry, R133
Essie All-In-One 3 Way Glaze, R200
Rimmel Nail Nurse 5in1 Nail Base & Top Coat, R64.95

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  1. Lovely list but its missing the Seche Vite Top Coat which is recognized as the BEST all over Youtube land.

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