Pinky Goat answers all our questions about false lashes

Pinky Goat answers all our questions about false lashes 1

It’s normal to have questions about wearing false lashes, especially when it’s your first few times applying them. Practice makes perfect, and the more you wear them, the easier the application process becomes. Multi-award winning false eyelash brand Pinky Goat offers a stunning range of handmade, faux mink, vegan, reusable lashes. Hailing from the Middle East, their lashes are finally available for purchase in SA. Here, they answer some of the most common false lash questions.

The lash is too long for my eyelid – what now?
You’ll seldom find a pair of lashes that are the perfect length for your eyelid. If the lash is too long, use a pair of nail scissors to carefully trim the length of the lash. We recommend cutting off very little at a time from the outer edge only and positioning the lash on your lash line in between trims to gauge how much more trimming needs to be done. Remember to be conservative – you can cut more off, but you can’t mend it if you’ve removed too much.

How can I make sure I position the lash perfectly?
The most accurate way to position the lash is to use a good pair of tweezers or a lash applicator instead of your fingers. These will allow you to position the lash right above your natural lash line.

What comes first, lashes or eyeshadow?
There may be some personal preference involved here, but we recommend making false lashes the final step in your eye makeup routine. Not only is it easier to apply eyeshadow without false lashes, but is also means you won’t mess any shadow on them.

Do I need to wear mascara on my falsies?
The great thing about false lashes is that they have the ability to completely transform your eyes without the need for mascara. Some women like to apply some mascara to their lower lashes, but no mascara is needed on your top lashes when you’re wearing falsies.

Can I use the same pair of lashes more than once?
Yes! Pinky Goat lashes are reusable up to fifteen times. The better you take care of them, the more wear you’ll get out of them.

I wear contact lenses, can I still wear false lashes?
Absolutely. False lashes are applied just above your top lash line and won’t interfere with your contact lenses. It’s best to insert your contact lenses before applying the lashes to avoid unnecessary pulling or tugging on the eyelash.

Can I go to bed with my lashes on?
We wouldn’t recommend it. Not only will you likely damage your false lashes (decreasing the number of wears you get from them), but you could end up hurting your eyes as well. Remove them before bed like you would your makeup.

Will false lashes damage my natural lashes?
Provided you apply and remove your false lashes correctly and with care, they should cause absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. It is also essential to use a good quality lash glue, as a badly-formulated one may very well cause damage not only to your lashes but also to the skin on your eyelid. Pinky Goat’s Lash Glue is ultra-gentle. It contains chamomile and castor oils – both are known lash growth boosters, and although it’s highly effective in holding your lashes in place, it allows for easy removal as well.

Pinky Goat Lashes are available in Clicks stores at R149.


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