Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray 15SPF Trial Team

Piz Buin Wet Skin

Price: R235
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide

What we say:
When I first opened the bottle, I forgot for a brief moment that I did not have December holiday on an exotic Island. The gorgeous smell that Piz Bruin is famous for, made me feel like a supermodel on a hot beach with a gorgeous tan, not sweaty wife next the cricket field. The 15spf protection that Piz Bruin offered was just enough and good enough coverage for my body, but just not strong enough for my face and neck. I did however love the fact that it did not leave a my skin feeling greasy like all other spray on brands do and it was easy to keep re-applying the product as needed. It also held it ground as a waterproof product and swimming did not wash away all the product. I was not sure whether it was an error due to the heat or whether the bubbles on the branding was suppose to be there, but it was great in providing a non-slip surface when re-applying next to the pool. It will definitely be on my shopping list for the summer months ahead.

I’ve been using Piz Buin’s Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray every day for the past few weeks and I have fallen in love with it.  The science behind this innovative product definitely puts it at the top of my Summer Must Haves list! The advantage is that it can be used on wet or dry skin and really is non-greasy, without leaving any white residue or runs. One is most vulnerable to sunburn & damage in the period when you’ve come out of the water and you’re waiting to dry off before applying sun screen again. As someone who’s at the pool nearly every day in summer, I stuck to the instructions to re-apply to wet skin straight after getting out of the water & loved knowing that I’m immediately protected and can dry off in the sun without the risk. It has a silky feel and absorbs immediately with excellent coverage. It gains extra points for 1. The deliciously sultry Piz Buin scent that the brand is famous for, 2. It contains vitamin E to protect your skin from free radicals, and 3. It is completely non-greasy so you don’t need to worry about marking your beautiful swimsuit or work clothes if you use it as your everyday sunscreen as I have. Overall this is a great product that I will definitely keep using!

I’m very aware of the irreparable skin damage the sun can cause, so I believe in using top quality sun defense sprays and lotions. I tried out Piz Buin’s Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray (SPF 15) on a hot day at the pool side. I’m impressed. The bottle is easy to hold, and the spray application works well. Once sprayed onto the skin it absorbs pretty quickly so I don’t think it’s a must for you to rub it in – although I found myself doing it out of habit. The product has a surprisingly pleasant smell, slightly coconutty leaving your skin freshly fragranced. The liquid spray is light and leaves no sticky residue behind and I felt comfortable using it on my face. I recommend reapplying all over the body after a swim as this product washes off the skin pretty quickly. All in all, I’m sold on Piz Buin. This product is easy to use and provides great sun protection.

Overall I was absolutely impressed with the product. The purpose of the wet skin sun spray is to keep you protected from the harsh rays of the sun while still enjoying time outdoors. I am fair skinned and have difficulty finding a product that will protect me while doing my daily activities outdoors, however this was not the case when I started using the Piz Buin wet skin spray. I loved the conventional size in product. It’s the perfect size to fit in my handbag, beach bag and hiking backpack.

I am drawn to sun protectors that smell good, the last thing I want is smelling like a tube of sunscreen, the not so fond memories of my childhood. This is what I fell in love with first as the wet skin sun spray smells divine! In fact, it smells yummy to the point of edibility mmmmm. I had loads if compliments regarding my new “smell” I was asked what perfume I was using…. I grinned and responded; “it’s just my wet skin sun spray from Piz Buin”. The 2nd factor was the transparent advantage, invisible to the eye yet moist and visible to the skin. I have felt and seen a difference in my skin and how the sun effects me while using the wet skin spray. If I stay longer in the sun as anticipated I am still not as harshly burnt as I would have been pre Piz Buin wet spray.

All in all to sum up my trial experience, I would definitely be 1st in line for my next purchase. I have had the most amazing experience, and look forward to applying my wet skin spray everyday.  I have tried and tested products I trust and swear by, and Piz Buin wet spray is a new one I have added to that small yet expanding selection.

I love swimming all day, but hate having to reapply sunblock as it washes off in a couple of minutes, well Piz Buin has fixed all of that. They have released a waterproof SPF15 sun spray which I believe should be on your list of essentials when it comes to fun in the sun. This product provides sun protection with the advantage of it being waterproof so now you can get wet without the worries of your sunblock washing off. The product itself is easy to carry around in your beach bag and the size fits in the palm of anyone’s hand. The packaging however is a let down, while it has a golden appearance, the ‘bubble effect’ cheapens the product in my opinion and doesn’t give the desired effect. I must admit, this product smells like a perfume that I wouldn’t mind wearing everyday. I have given family members some and they commented on the amazing smell. The product label says that it can be used on wet or dry skin, but on dry skin it has a heavy/greasy texture. It lasts for about an hour in the water and overall I like the product and I do recommend it to those who enjoy swimming but hate burning.


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