Should men be wearing make-up?

Men who wear make-up

Times have certainly changed. Gone are the days when the only men who wore make-up were stage actors. Today, men all over the world are becoming more and more interested in grooming and beauty products. You might notice that your boyfriend has a much bigger selection of toiletries than your dad ever did when you were growing up, right? It may have been frowned upon a couple of years ago, but these days, a full bathroom cabinet simply means he’s a modern man.

But how do you, as a woman / wife / girlfriend feel about men wearing make-up? The Daily Mail reports that a study conducted in 2013 entitled “The State of Men” found that 54% of British and American men regularly use skincare products, whilst 9% used foundation and 11% were partial to bronzer.

A whopping 29% of the men surveyed admitted to having regular manicures, whilst 24% went for facials and 13% had their eyebrows waxed. And with this rise in the popularity of male grooming, designers like Marc Jacobs have even released entire make-up lines for men!

Men who wear make-up

But don’t think it’s just a specific stereotype who wear make-up. Celebs like Seal, Jared Leto and even Johnny Depp have been spotted with eyeliner and painted nails. And then of course the modern day rockstars take “guyliner” to a whole new level!

We like it when a man looks after himself, and we believe that products like cleanser, moisturiser, SPF and fragrance should be staples in every man’s life, however, we’re not entirely sold on the idea of our men borrowing our make-up products. How do you feel about it, Beauties? Would you be happy if your man took to this trend?

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18 Responses

  1. I think men should be free to wear whatever they want, it’s their life after all, but I wouldn’t date a guy that wears makeup.

  2. I am really against men wearing make up. It’s just not attractive, and makes them look too feminine! Rather leave it to the ladies. That being said a guy does need to look after his skin, but no make up thank you.

  3. These men are so gorgeous anyway, why do they need make-up? I can’t say I’d appreciate it if my boyfriend started raiding my make-up bag… Pass!

  4. I’m definitely not a fan of men wearing any form of makeup. A lip balm and good moisturiser is all I ask of them.

  5. A little powder just to block the oils and to make them look more matte is not a problem, but when it comes to foundation and eye shadow I am totally against that… An absolute NO

  6. Looking well groomed with hydrated, clear skin is one thing but looking like a racoon on steroids is another. No, no no to manliner!!!!

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