SoftLips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss Trial Team

Softlips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss

Price: R24.95
Availability: Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Checkers stores

What we say:
The Softlips Glimmer Gloss range is amazing! It is super moisturising, smells amazing and looks even better, my lips felt softer and smoother from the first application and the gloss colours are subtle with high shine. I love the smell of the pearl pink, it smells like watermelon, good enough to eat, and it gives an amazing pearly shine! The cherry red smells okay, but looks amazing, the red isn’t too red. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for those who want a sexy pout. It’s also a perfect size to fit into tiny bags or tiny pockets. The one thing I could fault is that for some reason, as soon as you open the lid the product oozes out, which is disappointing and a waste of an amazing product.
– Azraa

I am yet to meet a girl who doesn’t like pearl and pink. So when I held the little tube of Softlips Glimmer Gloss in Pink Pearl I was very excited. The gloss moisturizes the lips with aloe extract and vitamin E while delivering a dose of shimmer and shine to your pout. Want to go out and get noticed put on Pink Pearl, but for me sadly here the excitement ends. The formula is very thick and sticky and leaves a heavy feeling on my lips. While combing my hair got stuck to my lips which I didn’t like. The packing is simple and cute and I guess fantastic for teenagers or for someone looking for shine and shimmer but for me it did nothing. The price is great and we get 7gms of gloss but I won’t buy it again. When I opened the Cherry Red tube and applied to my lips I got a whiff of faint cherry and the red gloss glides on to the lips smoothly. But I find the gloss very heavy and when I removed it, it is very sticky. Not a personal preference for me but the glitter and sparkle may be appealing to young girls.
– Maddy

My favourite of these is the Red Cherry because I love the Cherry scent. The red colour is perfect for summer time and adds a beautiful red glossy shine to your lips. The Pearl Pink has a watermelon scent and has added shimmer to it. It’s a pretty, feminine pink and like the Red Cherry, is light wearing and not at all sticky. The gloss has incredible moisturising capabilities with the added benefits of anti-oxidants. I used the two glosses in conjunction with each other for a week and noticed an improvement in the texture of my lips – they were smoother and softer. I also received a lot of compliments when wearing the Cherry Red because it’s such a beautiful shade.
– Gee Whiskers


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