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SoftLips Organics Trial Team

SoftLips Organics

Price: R29.99
Availability: Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Checkers stores

What we say:
The Softlips Organics range is super moisturising and smells amazing; my lips felt softer and smoother from the first application. It doesn’t give the usual Softlips tingly feeling and feels much thicker and keeps lips moisturised for hours. Softlips Organics glides on very smoothly, and leaves a slight sheen on the lips, and you don’t need to apply much for your lips to feel soft. I love the smell of the Pomegranate, makes me want to eat it! The Acai Berry smells amazing too, but I prefer the pomegranate. The only thing I would have liked is sun protection, especially for the summer months. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for those who have dry lips. It also works as a great base for gloss or lipstick as it provides a smooth surface. It’s also a perfect size to fit into tiny bags or tiny pockets. It’s 100% organic, so that means only good ingredients are being applied to your lips, no damaging chemicals; what more can a girl want!
– Azraa

I love everything about Pomegranate – its juice, the ruby red seeds and this lip conditioner does smells mildly of pomegranate. To top it off it is organic and formulated mainly with natural ingredients and can be safely used even on young kids. Softlips Organics is smooth to apply and gives a sort of shimmer to lips making them look dewy but not glossy. The formula is quite light so I guess not for chapped or cracked lips, but does an adequate job of hydration and I would be using it during the hotter months. The packaging is simple and the tube is slim with a twisting mechanism. A must-keep product if you want to go Green. For me the lip balm being natural and USDA certified organic is the biggest attraction. The ingredients are all gentle and natural like jojoba seed and coconut oil and shea butter etc. It doesn’t feel waxy or sticky or heavy on the lips, glides smoothly and keeps my lips soft and moisturised being true to its name Softlips.
– Maddy

‘I actually didn’t even know that Softlips had a range of organics lip balms. These lip balms do not have any SPF in them which makes them perfect for evening and night time wear under lipstick. The lip balms have organic oils and only organic ingredients. These lip balms don’t have any menthol sensation on the lips but are equally as moisturising as the others. The SoftLips Organics range is in my mind better to use because they are greener and the more natural ingredients mean they are better for our bodies. The only thing I wish they had was some sort of sun defense.’
– Gee Whiskers


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  1. Awesome! I have to get some. Also did not know about their organic lip balms.

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