Street style: This is our favourite new hair accessory

We love a good hair accessory, and you don’t get much more original than this! This week we spotted Sisanda on the streets of Cape Town and couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of her stunning “turban” she created herself. Read her style secrets below:


1. Name and city: Sisanda Ntshinga, Cape Town
2. Occupation: LEGiT editor
3. Hairdresser name: Maroza hair salon
4. Hair stylist name: Hlengiwe and for braids Belinda
5. Products used: Tea tree oil, castor oil, sulfur 8 hair food and several different oils for deep conditioning
6. What did you use to create this look: I love playing around with head wraps and sometimes I create them with anything I can find including shirts, pants and sometimes even my jeans. For this particular look I used my pants to create the desired head wrap.
7. How often do you change your look: I usually change my look every month because natural hair requires a lot of care. So I usually braid my hair or have cornrows under my head wraps
8. Do you ever rock your hair natural: I usually let my hair breathe for at least a week or two in between my looks.
9. Any advice you would like to share: Do you. Always do you. Some may not understand your style but if you do and are confident with your look others will appreciate it too.

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