Five fuss-free and affordable hairstyles

We all love a good-looking hair-do that will turn heads, but times can be tough. There are plenty of looks you can try on a budget, here are our favourites:


The bun
Pop sensation Beyoncé often looks splendid in this hairstyle on the red carpet. A bun is easy to do and even cheaper to maintain. Your hair needs to be relaxed first by a professional to avoid breakage. Use a hair pudding to create a sleek finish and twist the rest of the pony into a tight bun. You can use hair accessories such as crystal or floral pins to give your bun a touch of detail.


The wig
A good quality wig is an investment that can last you for years. The advantage of opting for a wig is that it gives you the opportunity to give your hair a break and go for regular treatments, especially if you are transitioning between hairstyles. While it is convenient for day-to-day wear, it still requires extra care. You can wash and use a conditioner to restore its soft texture. Washing it at least once every month will keep your wig in good condition. Avoid over-using heat stylers such as hair dryers and straighteners. Rather air-dry it after washing it.
Hair tip: Always wear a wig cap underneath your wig to protect your hair from damage.


In the 90’s, US singer Brandy Norwood’s braids were her trademark look. Braids are a classic hairstyle, especially for winter as they protect hair from the damaging winter weather conditions, which can cause breakage. Before braiding your hair, go for a treatment to prevent breakage. Also treat your braids every 14 days to keep your hair moisturised.
Hair tip: To keep braids looking healthy, base your scalp with a nourishing hair food once every two days.


The up-do
Hair straightened with a relaxer is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain and style. As simple as it seems, it’s versatile because you can style it into a bob or an up-do. Invest in a quality straightener with ceramic plates and a good hairdryer. Always use a heat protecting serum when styling your hair to prevent breakage.
Hair tip: Chemically treated hair needs extra nourishment so go for regular moisture treatments.


The s-curl/ Short and simple
Short and natural hair is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. A trim once every two weeks and regular treatments is all it needs to look hot. Adding curls by doing an s-curl will give your hair a bit of texture. You can also texturise your hair to give it a bit of detail. Short hair, especially when chemically treated, still needs extra care. Do regular oil treatments or moisture treatments to keep it looking healthy.
Hair tip: Ask your hairstylist to trim your hair into a shape that suits your features.

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  1. I have had a weave for a while but I am really keen to have a short hairstyle soon. It’s too bad it’s getting colder now, haha. I’ll have to wait until summer. I have protective hairstyles for now, I’ll rather get braids.

  2. Braids are the cheapest and easiest to maintain, regardless of weather or length of natural hair.

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