Ted Lapidus Alcazar Eau de Toilette Trial Team

Ted Lapidus Alcazar

Price: R595
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected retailer nationwide

What we say:
The bottle is very elegant and has a lovely colour. It reminded me, as a fountain pen user, of a tallish ink bottle (a very smart one). The metal canister is just as elegant and very useful for when one travels.

The perfume has a lovely masculine smell. After a few minutes it settles to a smell in which one can definitely identify cedar wood. What else is in there, I don’t know, but I like the scent very much and would definitely buy it. I would probably keep the old empty bottle as I really like the design. When I repurchase, I would go for the 100ml bottle.

The scent, to me, is unmistakably French. Very luxurious, no wonder it has the same name as a Spanish royal palace. The bottle is a pure work of art and the contents not far behind.
– Marius

The 50ml bottle of Ted Lapidus Alcazar I received looked fairly innocuous. I opened it. not expecting what leapt from the glass. It literally is an insult on the senses in the most sublime way.  The fragrance is exceptionally powerful and your olfactory senses are at first overwhelmed, trying to make sense of the myriad scents.

With the top notes being citrusy, the heart notes of Orange Blossom and base notes of Cedar Wood this scent is aggressively masculine. The overall combination works in absolute harmony, with the fragrance bonding to your skin and lasting for hours.  The Spanish influence is magnificently captured in this bottle, Alcazar literally meaning a Spanish fortress or castle. The bottle has to be stronger then the scent to fulfill its task of capturing this powerful essence.
– Marc

When I receive the beautifully packaged bottle of Ted Lapidus Alcazar I immediately got a feeling of masculinity and something out the ordinary. The deep blue bottle of fragrance felt sturdy in my hand and when I sprayed it. I love how the Ted Lapidus branding is shown throughout in subtle ways, in one such way on the cap of the bottle. The scent is almost overpowering when I took the first sniff. I then sprayed a bit onto my arm and let it settled. I was immediately taken aback as it settled quickly into a strong, masculine, enjoyable scent.

The lasting power is one of the longest I have found in a scent. At the end of the day and after a run I could still subtly smell the deeper base notes. Definitely one for keeps!
– Paul

The scent is overwhelmingly musky and floral at first – but after a few minutes you notice the spicier, fruity notes. I enjoyed the scent – it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before and it has a zesty quality. The scent lingers for several hours, which is perfect for a day at the office.

The packaging is really interesting and of high quality. I was impressed with the design and intense blue colour of the bottle. And the protective metal tin is easy and convenient to pack for travel purposes.

I would recommend this to female friends if they’re gift-hunting for the man in their lives. The aesthetic of the packaging alone is enough to impress.
– Sergio


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