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Ten things every bride should carry in her purse

The top ten items you need to keep in your purse on your wedding dayAs women, we like to carry a few essentials in our handbags to touch up our make-up and keep us looking and feeling good throughout the day. For brides, it’s no different.

Nobody wants to lug a big handbag down the aisle, but taking a small clutch bag with you when you tie the knot could make your day a lot less stressful.

Here, the ten items you HAVE to take to your wedding.

1. Blotting paper
Chances are you’ll have your make-up done professionally, but that doesn’t mean your T-zone won’t get that dreaded shine after a couple of hours. Blotting paper absorbs excess oil and mattifies the skin, so whenever you’re feeling a bit hot from all the dancing or the flashing camera lights, gently press a sheet onto your skin and hold for a few seconds.

2. Concealer
Unless you’re blessed with flawless skin, chances are you’ll get the odd pimple or struggle with dark circles or pigmentation at some point. Be sure to carry your concealer in your clutch so that you can touch up your make-up and conceal sneaky blemishes.

3. Sunscreen
This one is for outdoor weddings – you don’t want to look like a lobster on your honeymoon, so be sure to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Samples or mini sunscreens are the perfect size to pop into your bag.

4. Powder
Depending on how oily your skin is, powder could be your saving grace when it comes to masking shine and mattifying your skin. After using your blotting paper, lightly dab a little bit of powder on your T-zone to absorb any further excess sebum. Remember not to do this too often (twice at most) or your make-up will look cakey.

5. Tissues
Speeches, speeches and more speeches – need we say more?

6. Lipstick / lip balm
Be sure to buy whatever lip product your make-up artist uses on your lips. It’s essential to take it with you on the day as you’ll want to reapply after all the eating and kissing! If your ceremony or reception is outside, be sure to use a lip product that contains a broad spectrum SPF.

7. Bobby pins
Whether you wear your hair up or down, you’ll need some bobby pins to keep it neat and tidy. By the end of the night you’re bound to have some loose strands hanging in your face – these little gems will sort the problem out.

8. Mints
No doubt you’ll be doing lots of kissing – from your gorgeous new husband to the aunt you haven’t seen in ten years. Pop a couple of mints throughout the day to make sure your breath stays fresh.

9. Painkillers
Weddings come with a lot of stress, and many brides end up with a tension headache after a couple of hours. Keep a few emergency painkillers in your purse (but be careful if you’re drinking alcohol!).

10. Small sewing kit
Some thread to match your wedding dress and a couple of needles are absolutely essential. Wardrobe malfunctions happen, and you never know when you might need to sew a rip or tear!

Did you carry a handbag to your wedding, Beauties?

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16 Responses

  1. I must say that I wish I had read this before my own wedding. It rained while we were taking photo’s and my hair was all over the show. Bobby pins, foundation and blotting paper would have been good!

  2. Fantastic advice – painkillers for the inevitable tension headache is a must (thank heavens my mom had some in her handbag on my wedding day)!

  3. Aw thanks so much for this. I’m maid of honour for my best friends wedding so I need to know these things.

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