Tips for saving your hair colour

You’ve paid all that money only for your hair colour to fade a few weeks later. BeautySouthAfrica brings you easy tips to help save that gorgeous colour and keep your locks looking brand spanking new.

Tips on how to save and prolong your hair colour

1. Choosing the correct products
Just as you wouldn’t wash your face with any old face wash, you should take the same approach when it comes to your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner with colour protecting ingredients. Try Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo, R42.99 and Dove Colour Radiance Conditioner, R42.99.

2. Wash your hair every second day
We’re not saying you HAVE to stick to this. If you’ve just done a spinning class and need to rinse, please do. But the more you wash, the more your colour rinses out. Tie your hair up or revert to those good old dry shampoos. Just a few spritzes will leave your hair feeling and looking fresh. Try TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, R71.99.

3. Apply a hair mask
Besides for washing and conditioning, you need to apply a nourishing hair mask once a week. When we colour our hair, the chemicals in the dye can cause our hair to become porous, and it also has a drying effect. Apply a mask after shampooing and allow it to work its magic for about 10 minutes. This will help keep your hair looking healthy and happy. Try Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Hair mask, R315.

4. Cheat your way
When you’re in-between treatments, visit your hairdresser and chat to them about cheating your colour. They can do a cheat line of highlights for you and save you on colour costs. Shelene Shaer from Tanaz suggests that you should never cut and colour your hair at the same time. “One should alternate between cutting and colouring every six weeks. A cut always makes ones colour look refreshed,” says Shelene.

5. Hair SPF
Who said that SPF is only to be applied to skin? Apply an SPF shampoo on damp hair before you hit the beach, or an SPF cream, especially to the crown of your head. It can help save it from sun damage. The sun tends to bleach your colour and dry out your hair. Try Shiseido Sun Protection Spray Oil-Free SPF15, R335.

6. Rinse after swimming
As we swim more in the warmer months and leave our hair to dry naturally, we are left with the harsh chemicals of chlorine and minerals. Rather wash your hair after your swim (with your protective shampoo) and then allow it to dry naturally.

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17 Responses

  1. Thank you for the great advice! The summer time is especially taxing on hair colour.

  2. Summer time is coming, will have to remember hair SPF! Really want to try Moroccan Oil mask.

  3. I spent R350 to dye my hair ombre when all she did was put peroxide in it and it turned orange after a week!

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