The benefits of botanicals in beauty products

Botanicals in beauty products

Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she united humans and plants together on the planet. Plant extracts not only provide vital nutrition for the body, they have also been used to treat skin conditions for hundreds of years. From horse chestnut to reduce varicose veins to rosehip, shea butter, beeswax and tea tree oil to soothe, heal and protect any number of skin ailments, there’s a natural cure for almost anything.

Understanding the benefits of these amazing ingredients will provide you with a long list of ways to combat skin issues. From the signs of ageing, to dullness, dehydration, puffiness and acne. Natural plant oils are gentle on the skin, increase elasticity, promote collagen generation as well as hydrate and soften the skin. Sounds great, right?

The list of beneficial botanicals is endless, but here are a few of our special favourites.

Avocado Oil
Avocado oil has amazing regenerative and restructuring powers, which means it keeps skin moisturised and soft. Packed full of vitamin A, this amazing fruit helps remove dead skin cells, while cleansing and offering protection against the harsh environment.

Blackcurrant seed oil
Blackcurrant seed oil plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-oxidative properties help fight a number of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

It’s also great for your tresses. The Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) content in blackcurrants prevents frequent hair loss and promotes growth.

Grape seed oil
Rich in vitamins, minerals and linoleic acid, grape seed oil helps strengthen tissue cells and preserves the natural moisture of the skin. It also helps to increase the amount of collagen – that means plumper, softer, younger looking skin without the needles and chemicals!

Hazelnut oil
High in essential fatty acids and easily absorbed, hazelnut oil is perfect for acne-prone skin because it’s natural astringent properties help calm over-active oil glands. It also has healing and soothing properties that work wonders on dry, irritated skin. Plus it helps maintain firmness and elasticity.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil prevents the growth of certain bacteria, which means it is extremely useful in the treatment of acne. It’s very similar to sebum, which is the oil we produce to lubricate our skin and hair. It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and can be used on the face, hair and all over the body.

Mango butter
This exotic oil has emollient properties (meaning it smoothes and softens the skin) and it’s also used for healing the skin because of its regenerative activity. It has been used in rain forests and tropics for skin softening, protection and moisturising for hundreds of years. It’s ideal for all skin types.

Shea butter
Therapeutic and soothing, Shea Butter is perfect for aged and damaged skin. High in vitamin A and E, it’s highly compatible with the skin, meaning it penetrates deep down, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. It also has antimicrobial and moisturising properties that provide protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun, while providing protection from cellular degeneration.

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  1. These are lovely tips! I wonder if you could harvest the oil yourself by crushing the seeds of grapes or whole hazelnuts. Can you spell DIY Spa Day!

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