The busy girl’s guide to looking make-up ready

The busy girl's guide to looking make-up ready 1

Ideally you’d love to spend hours perfecting your make-up, but honestly, who has the time? Whether you’re about to step into the office, a lunch meeting, or a last-minute boardroom hustle, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can do, on the go.

Mobile make-up

So you forgot about that early morning meeting or you overslept and didn’t have time to apply your make-up at home? Don’t fret. Simply try this five-minute rearview-mirror makeover. Focus on the basics; apply concealer around your nose, smooth on a 2-in-1 lip and cheek colour and add a few lashings of mascara. If you’ve got an extra few minutes, you can even try strobing for an added glow – finally a plus side to that horrendous morning traffic!

Power lunch

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, look no further. Brush powder on your T-zone to minimise midday shine, and apply a good nude lipstick or lip stain that looks ‘done’ but won’t stain your drinking glass. Pull a pony into a bun to indicate you mean business. Celebs have been rocking this at many a high-profile event, so this quick-fix, #totesprofesh look is a winner.

4PM touch-up

Sure your make-up was beautiful and perfectly applied this morning, but that eyeliner could easily have morphed into a smoky eye by the end of the day. And now what was previously a fresh glow is full-on shiny. Depending on your skin type and what you’ve eaten, everything starts going south right after lunch. The beauty version of a coffee run? Get a fresh-faced glow with a touch of blush – or be resourceful and apply some of your lipstick to your cheeks. Rub it on the apple of your cheeks or get draping for a high fashion look with minimal effort. Spritz on some perfume for a refresher and apply a bit of lip gloss to instantly wake up a tired-looking complexion.

Cocktails after work, anyone?

It’s been a long day, but you promised your colleagues you’ll join them for cocktails. Sure you cleared your schedule, but you don’t feel quite ready to head out. Cue the secret to achieving fabulous French-girl chic in a hurry! Pair slicked-back hair with cherry-red lips, et voilà – you’re good to go! You may not have time to apply liquid liner, because there’s no time for take-3, but some good old eye-liner goes a long way. Add some bronzer or highlighter and you’re good to go!

Top tips! 

* If you have oily skin, use a tissue or oil-blotting papers to lightly dab away the excess oil. Do this before you do anything else.
* Remove all your caked-on lipstick so you can start with a clean slate. Fresh and perfectly applied lipstick goes a long way. Also, if you’re seriously strapped for time, simply just focus on your lips. A bright lippie makes a bold statement and instantly brightens up your face – did we mention how fierce you’ll feel? You’re welcome.

Check out our interview with professional make-up artist, Lori Lieb for more on her 5-minute beauty routine.

Share your quick-fix make-up tips below!


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  1. I always have oil blotting papers in my make-up bag. It helps a lot to preserve my makeup.

  2. All wonderful tips! If you have dry skin like me, foundation can start looking cakey or blotchy throughout the day. Using a makeup setting spray would do wonders! I use the L’Oreal Infallible fixing mist and hope to one day get my hands on some of the urban decay setting sprays. I hear they are to die for!

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