Unconventional YouTube beauty hacks

Unconventional YouTube beauty hacks 1

Let’s face it, keeping up with trends and trying to get our make-up to look just right costs a pretty penny. These thrifty bloggers are breaking the mold with hair-raising and downright hilarious alternatives to conventional make-up norms. We had a good laugh at some of the techniques while watching them experiment with household products to apply and set their make-up – but they might just be onto something! If you can get over how wacky they are, that is.

Kitchen contour

Trying to get your contour to look on point but you don’t know where to start? Cue YouTubers and a no-holds-barred attitude to switching up their make-up routine – and using a ton of kitchen essentials to do just that. The beauty vlogger behind Nikkie Tutorials gets right in there with all the crazy techniques and created the perfect contour with a spoon, a brush and some product. Simply place the spoon on the highest point of your cheekbones and run your brush down the contours of the spoon. Trying to shape your forehead just right? How about using a fork to guide you? You might as well go all out and use your whisk too…

Source: NikkieTutorials on YouTube

Spoon cut crease

While we’re in the kitchen playing around with spoons, blogger Brittney Foley from the Beautifoles blog made quite a name for herself when she attempted to use a plastic spoon to get her eye make-up on fleek. It acts as a nifty stencil and perfectly outlines the areas you want to apply your eyeshadow. Bonus? It also helps you get that perfect cat eye. We’re definitely going to give this one a go!

Source: Beautifoles on YouTube

Dip and set

How do you feel about applying your foundation, then sticking your face in a tub of water? This blogger did just that and was surprised by how well it worked. Setting spray for what?

Source: Natalies Outlet on YouTube

The sock blender

If buying your morning coffee trumps investing in a Beauty Blender, the latest trend may be just up your alley. From boiled eggs to toothbrushes, tomatoes, and condoms, it was only a matter of time before somebody tried using a sock to apply make-up. And after watching this video, we might just give this one a go. Just for science! As long as it’s a fresh pair of socks…

Source: Trinity Jae on YouTube

Maxi pads for maximum curl

Trying to create voluminous curls without heat? YouTuber, Tina experimented with rolled-up pads and let them set overnight. We were certainly pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. After strategically rolling and applying, she added some product and literally got to say she woke up like that. Curls without burning our fingers on curling tongs and irons? Sign us up!

Source: MakeupWearables Hairstyles

Would you try these beauty hacks? Share your unconventional techniques with us below!


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  1. I love watching You Tube make up bloggers – Kaushal Beauty and Lydia Millen are my favourites. Best hack to get beautiful beachy waves – plait your hair into plaits at night and in the morning just shake it out!

  2. I love watching beauty vloggers having fun with all of these new creative ideas! It puts a new comedic spin on the old techniques. I love how Graveyardgirl curled her hair with various objects including cheetos and tampons. So funny!

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