The seven worst things to do to curly hair

The worst things to do to curly hair

If you want to save and preserve your curly locks, try to avoid the following:

Dry Combing
Comb wet hair. Curly hair is a nightmare to brush at the best of times and even harder to brush once dry. Your curls get intertwined and this is what makes them even harder to separate. Try to stick to combing your hair after washing, whilst still wet.

Combing from the root
Always start combing your hair from the base and then gently work your way up. You don’t want to cause stress on the strands, causing them to snap.

Cutting curly hair when wet
Cut and style once dry. Curly hair always shrinks a bit once it is dry and will give you a completely different look. There is nothing wrong with cutting wet hair, but to be on the safe side, do it this way.

Too much shampoo
By washing your hair too much and using too much product, you will strip your natural hair / curl of its oils. These oils are what we need to hold those beautiful curls. Concentrate on cleansing the roots and let natural water rinse the rest.

Skipping the treatments
Curly hair needs as much moisture at it can get. Use a hair mask once a week to really give it a deep condition and some extra TLC.

Not applying an oil or serum after washing
Just because you have washed, conditioned and added a treatment to your hair, it doesn’t mean you can stop there. Before and / or after drying, make use of a nourishing, hydrating oil or serum.

Too much heat, too little protection
The best thing about curly hair is that it can be worn natural as well as straightened. The worst thing you could do to your hair though is to apply heat to it without a heat-protecting product. Between the dryer and styling tools, a lot of damage can be caused. Always apply a heat protector styling aid before bringing a styling tool near your hair.

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15 Responses

  1. Great article and advice, thank you! I wash once a week only and condition twice with an Moroccanoil conditioner. Using a wide toothed comb, I gently comb out my curls from tip to root.

  2. I find it best to comb with the conditioner still in the wet hair. Then once all rinsed, comb gently and do not touch again! Let it dry naturally without anymore combing and you will have beautiful, separate curls. The only issue I have with this is that my hair is quite flat on top and I need to then tease it when dry for volume. It would be nice to have more tips on here about curly hair!

  3. My only complaint about curly hair is that leaving it to air dry all the time results in me having a wet scalp all the time. My scalp is now very sensitive and prone to itchiness and flaking. So I started washing it more often (because once it’s clean the itch and flakes go away) but this only worsens the entire situation because now it’s wet even more often and also dry because of frequent washing on top of that. Sigh. So I got a flat iron. I now use it once a week and problem solved.

  4. Wow, I learned something. I was always skeptical about using serum. I will start using it from now on.

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