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Three easy back to work hairstyles

After rocking sun dried beach waves all holiday long it’s hard to get your hair back into work mode again. That, and the fact that no one really has the motivation to get up an hour earlier to perfect a hairstyle anymore. We’ve come across three beautiful hairstyles that are both office-appropriate, and quick and easy to create. Why not try one of these beauties tomorrow?


1. The sleek ponytail
This look is classy and timeless, plus it keeps your hair out of your face on windy days. Brush your hair back and tie your ponytail with a plain elastic band. The trick to perfecting this look is to run your straightener over your pony a few times to ensure all the wavy bits and strays are ironed out. You can even add an Alice band or pretty clip if you want to spice it up.


2. The ballerina bun
This looks works best on long hair, as shorter hair isn’t always heavy enough to hold the bun. Brush your hair back and make a ponytail, but leave one strand of hair (about 2cm) free. It’s best to use either a piece from the top of your head or one from the bottom. Using a hair doughnut, create a ballerina bun and secure it with pins (see ballerina bun instructions here). Once your bun is fastened, start plaiting the loose piece of hair and gently wrap it around your bun. Secure the end bit with a pin.


3. The tangled plait
One of the quickest and cutest styles around, this look works on both thick and thin hair. Take a piece of hair (about 2cm thick) from the front of your head, and plait it all the way down until the end. Bring your hair over to the side on which you created the plait (in this example, to the left). Gently wrap your plait around your hair, allowing it to spiral downwards. When you reach the bottom, tie all your hair (including the end of the plait) together with a hair elastic.

Which one of these will you be trying?

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