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how to colour your hair at home with L'Oreal Paris

Colouring your hair at home is convenient, cost-effective and a lot easier than you may think. Modern home hair colours contain nourishing ingredients and have simple application steps, yet some women are still scared of attempting the process themselves. We’ve put together our top ten tips for at-home hair colouring. Follow them, and you’ll find the process easy and stress-free!

1. Do the suggested allergy test
It may seem like an unnecessary step, but the strict allergy test instructions on the box should never be ignored! Even if you’ve coloured your hair before, there’s always a small risk of your skin reacting to the product, so best be safe rather than sorry.

2. Always wear old clothing
Colouring your hair can sometimes get a little messy, so be sure to wear old clothes that you don’t mind splattering on.

3. Buy the right amount
If you have very long and thick hair, buy two boxes of hair colour – you don’t want to get halfway and realise you don’t have enough product to cover your ends! If you end up using only one, you can save the second one for the next time.

4. Wait a day or two after shampooing
Your hair’s natural oils not only protect your skin from the chemicals of the hair colour, but helps the colour to take to your strands too. So instead of colouring freshly washed hair, rather wait a day or two after your last shampoo.

5. Protect your skin from getting stained
A simple trick is to smear some petroleum jelly along your hairline and ears – this will protect your skin from getting stained, as you’ll be able to wipe any hair colour right off.

6. Always use the enclosed gloves
It might feel easier to use bare hands, but not only will you be left with stains that take ages to fade, you’ll also be exposing your skin to unnecessary chemicals.

7. Work from top to bottom
To make it easier and less messy, always start by applying colour to your roots, and then work down the lengths of your hair until you get to the ends. This will also help you to avoid missing any spots.

8. Set a timer and stick to it
Don’t rely on checking your watch every few minutes; rather set a timer to the specified time you need to leave the colour in before rinsing. And don’t be tempted to leave it in for longer – you could risk damaging your hair.

9. Condition properly after washing the product out
At-home hair colours always contain a small sachet of deep conditioner in the box. Be sure to use this product once you’ve rinsed your colour out, and leave it in for a good few minutes – now is not the time to skimp on your conditioning step, in fact, your hair will need it now more than ever.

10. Use colour protecting hair care products
You’ve spent the time to get your at-home hair colour just right, now you need to ensure you protect it. Use a range of colour protecting hair care products to prolong the colour and to nourish the hair. We love the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect range.

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5 Responses

  1. Helpful tips, it’s also good to do a strand test before you color all your hair.

  2. Nice tip on using two colours Devaksha. Keeping the bathroom and myself clean is always a hassle!

  3. I often end up using 2 colours and mixing them because my hair is too long to just use one bottle of colour, and there is a better colour payoff when you use two colours that compliment each other.

  4. Though I do not use any colour this looks like a very good list to keep in mind when one does colour.

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