V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil Trial Team

V05 Miracle Concentrate

Price: R45.99
Availability: retail stores nationwide

What we say:
So many hair treatment products leave my hair looking limp and oily. For the first time I’m delighted with the results. VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir has been a great addition to my morning hair routine. I’ve got medium length hair, which I wash and blow-dry daily leaving it in not such a great condition and with very dry ends. After dabbing on a few drops of the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir, it literally looks sleek and shiny, without any heavy, greasy after effect. And this lasts the whole day.

The oil is packaged in a bottle with a drop dispenser so you can control exactly how many drops you’d like to use. There’s also no wastage, mess or spillage. In fact the bottle has been bouncing around in my handbag for two days and not a drop has spilled out! Great for traveling and quick business trips!

I am loving my shinier, better groomed hair.
– Tammy

VO5′s Miracle Concentrate Elixir has a pleasant fresh perfume that dominates any other smell on your hair whether it be good or bad. When I received my product my very first concern was noticing that it is an oil base and I was sceptical as to whether it would have an oily effect on my hair. The syringe-like applicator is a great tool to manage “just enough” product for your hair sections. I thought it sufficient to apply half a syringe to the ends and the other half to the middle sections of my hair as a first trial. On both occasions I varied the application from pre-wash (then rinsing it off) to post-wash and using it as a leave in treatment. Like most products on the market I really didn’t have any unrealistic hopes of what this product is capable of doing. Whilst my hair was being styled my stylist actually made a first remark by asking which treatment I was using because my hair is remarkably soft!

I normally flat iron my hair after blow drying because of my naturally wavy hair. But I am converted! This stuff is my GHD in a bottle. It gives remarkable shine and instantly improves the overall appearance and texture of your hair. I have even noticed that my normal hair shed after washing has noticeably decreased, which brings me to the conclusion that it strengthens the hair strand as well. I’ve used this product now about four times and I’ve given up using the flat iron while using this product. Other than the fact that I’m being kind to my hair it truly is not necessary! I’ve allowed my friend to try it out once and afterwards I received an SMS saying “If you come around again, please bring that magic hair stuff of yours with you.

VO5′s Miracle Concentrate Elixir is a great product which I will definitely add to my normal list of frequently bought treatments. I have noticed that the base ingredient (argan oil) used in this product is also being used in Moroccanoil (more expensive version). Well, in my opinion I would just go with the V05 which is not only cheaper but also infused with pleasant scents that linger around all day after styling your hair. The bottle is small but taken into consideration that you could probably get around more than 20 uses from it I would say it deems perfect!
– Humphreys

The V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir comes in a small 50ml dropper bottle. It has quite a strong, sweet smell which I had to get used to at first. The label promises “unbelievably smooth” hair and “radiant shine” and it definitely delivers. It also protects from blow-drying heat, and my hair was touchably smoother after each blow-dry. What I disliked was that it came with a pipette-like dropper cap. For me, it was difficult managing to drop the oil in my hand and close it after words (with oil still in the other hand). The product would’ve been great if it had a spray nozzle or normal screw cap. If it hadn’t been for the difficulty of use, it might have gotten 9 out of 10, but because of this, it only gets a 7.
– Rochelle

Argan oil has been a beauty secret for decades with Burba women in Morocco. I never bought into this hype as I thought that it was clever marketing because Argan oil happens to be the most expensive oil in the world because of its rare nature. I should actually swallow my words as this miracle elixir managed to transform my dry and damaged locks in just over a week! And it gets better; my dull and lifeless tresses (years of dyeing and excessive use of hair irons!) were magically transformed into swathes of silk with an unmatchable shine. I received tons of compliments and I could achieve salon-quality locks in the comfort of my home.

It just takes a few drops of this wonder oil to turn your hair from drab to fab. The smell of VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir is so divine that my eight-year-old daughter is also addicted to this magic potion. Her hair is looking so nourished and healthy nowadays. I now understand why it is not only the Moroccan women but also million’s of women worldwide who are dying to get their hands on this cult oil. Coupled with the backing of VO5, who I believe are the leaders in “hot oil” hair therapy, this product is definitely a winner for me. The affordable price is an added bonus and nifty dropper applicator means that you never waste any of your precious oil! When you see the woman with perfectly glistening tresses know this… she has discovered the secret of VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir!
– Anisha

After using this product a few times I am very happy with the condition of my hair. The plastic bottle is a bonus, because if it falls it will not break. The dropper is perfect to use as you do not mess any of the contents. It has a nice smell and does wonders to your hair. I will keep on using VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir as it leaves your hair soft and manageable. This is really a very good product!
– Lorraine


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