Vichy Idealia Eyes Trial Team

Idealia Eyes

Price: R295
Size: 15ml
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide from September 2014.

What we say:

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:
“The skin under and around my eyes look more hydrated and the skin seems more plump. I would definitely recommend it…”
– Charlene

“Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed by these products. Although it took a while for the benefits of the eye cream to show, I am delighted by the brightening effect it has had on the area…”
– Adelaide

“I’ve seen results with this eye cream as far as fine lines are concerned. My under eye area looks smoother and brighter. I would recommend it to everyone and definitely will repurchase it…”
– Mariam

“The circles around my eyes have also faded somewhat. If my budget allows, I would definitely continue using them and I’d gladly recommend them to my friends…”
– Leana

“My eyes are definitely lighter and the fine lines almost gone. The eye cream diminished the dark circles, although not completely but I think if I continue using it, it will give better results…”
– Adele

“I have noticed slight decrease in my dark circles, not dramatic results but in future I will probably only use this as a highlighter for under my eye…”
– Candice

“I don’t think that the eye serum has diminished my dark circles at all. This is a chronic problem I have always had and I’m not sure there are many products on the market that would be able to diminish them…”
– Shelley

“The Life Serum is an amazing product and when used in conjunction with the Idealia Eyes it’s like a match made in heaven. I will continue to use both these products and I would recommend it to anyone…”
– Robyn-Lee


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