We chat New York Fashion Week with Ayanda Thabethe

We chat New York Fashion Week with Ayanda Thabethe 1

South African It-girl Ayanda Thabethe recently got the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited by Maybelline to attend New York Fashion Week. Maybelline is celebrating 10 years as the official makeup sponsor of New York Fashion Week, and as part of the celebration the brand collaborated with influencers from 30 different countries around the world. Gorgeous TV presenter, entrepreneur and model Ayanda Thabethe is passionate about all things fashion and beauty, making her the perfect South Africa representative to take on the streets (and runways) of New York.

We caught up with her to find out what she saw on the runways and what she loved about the city that never sleeps.

We chat New York Fashion Week with Ayanda Thabethe 2

What was it like attending Fashion Week in one of the fashion and beauty capitals of the world?
I love New York! Attending Fashion Week in New York has taken that love to another level. I can see why it is one of the biggest fashion hubs in the world. The city is a buzz, everyone has somewhere to go, people to see and things to do but in a go-getter kind of way. There’s an individualistic approach to fashion that sees people express themselves freely which is amazing to watch, whether you’re simply walking the streets or watching a show.

What makeup trends did you see on the runway?
Illuminated skin with a pop of colour;
Plenty of blush;
Eyeshadow art and styles that promote individualism

What was the street style like in terms of hair and makeup?
The street style in New York is a celebration of what makes each individual unique; a true celebration of individuality. From sleek to big hair, to hair colour and from simple, clean makeup to crazy art. It’s all about being authentically you and expressing that in a way that makes each individual happy.

What was your favourite Maybelline makeup look that you wore during your time in NY?
My focus is always on illuminated skin and a pop of colour either on my eyes or my lips, but mostly my lips. I’m still finding my way around eyeshadow.

Which Maybelline product could you not live without?
I used a different shade of the Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon every day during my stay in New York. It’s simple to use, the colours are vibrant and long-lasting.

Which of the trends you saw will you be wearing back home this summer?
I’m not for trends. I’m more of a classic style kind of girl. If anything, I’m reminded that your life is your own runway that defines your own identity and I’m inspired to constantly challenge how I show up on my own runway every day – even on days where there is no occasion and the occasion is that I’m simply alive and full of ambition.

See more of her pics from New York by checking out her Instagram page here.


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