Wedding day hairstyle ideas

Your Big Day requires all sorts of planning and preparation, and besides for the venue, food and flowers, a lot of thought goes into your hair, make-up and dress. Of all the beauty elements, wedding hair is most tricky.

Whatever style you choose, it must be comfortable – you don’t want to sit with a too-tight bun or long flowing locks that blow in the wind and stick to your lip gloss… Plus there’s the neckline of your dress to consider. Sweetheart dress with a large necklace? Wear your hair up to draw attention to your collarbone area. Boobtube with minimal jewellery? Let your locks spill over your shoulders.
Wedding hairstyle ideas from celebrities
We’ve compiled a list of our top six wedding hairstyles, sported by none other than the lovely ladies of Hollywood.

The ballerina bun
A bit too “stiff” and formal for some, but we still love the classic ballerina bun. It suits just about every dress imaginable, it stays in place all day (or night) and it’s simply pretty, pretty, pretty.

Mermaid curls
Curls of all shapes and sizes are a big favourite amongst brides, but of all the different types, we love the delicate mermaid curls the most. They’re more unusual and intricate than ringlets or waves, and will add a sensual and feminine element to your look.

Short and styled
Short hair can be difficult to style, but don’t despair – just because it’s short it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look different on the Big Day. Take inspiration from the gorgeous Halle Berry. Her slightly messy, blow-dried style is fun and youthful, but still elegant. Add a tiara or diamanté clips if you feel it needs some extra va-va-voom.

The not-so-neat-up-do
Old-fashioned, hard-from-too-much-hairspray up-do’s are out, and modern, messy ones are in. Why do we love this so much? Because it’s suits absolutely everyone and it doesn’t matter if it becomes a little undone during the celebrations!

Side parting with waves
If you’re going with loose waves, opt for a side parting to keep things interesting. Asymmetry let’s you draw the eye to areas you want to accentuate (so if you’re wearing beautiful earrings on the day, be sure to ‘open’ one of your ears by pulling the hair back).

The fishtail braid
Softer and more youthful than a regular plait, the fishtail braid works best on very long hair. Wear it to the side for a quirkier look, or to the back if you prefer something a bit more classic.

How did you wear your hair on your wedding day, Beauties?

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19 Responses

  1. I love the ‘not so neat up do” as worn by Kate Beckinsale. It looks very pretty and fun.

  2. I do not think these are not the best styles for your big day, there are more that I think look more attractive.

  3. I’d go for Kate’s look, or the fishtail actually. Depending on the dress of course :)

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