What are the best blusher shades for darker skin tones?


Our make-up expert, Lizelle from Chanel Bettison Hair and Beauty Salon, explains how to find the perfect shade of blusher if you have a dark skin tone:

“Whatever the colour of your skin is, the key to finding the right make-up is dependent on your undertones. First you need to find out what your undertone is – this will make your life much easier when selecting make-up.

Cool: Pink, red or blue undertones.
Warm: Yellow or golden undertones.
Neutral: A balance between both cool and warm tones.

Olive skin is normally known for either having warm or neutral undertones, with a greenish cast. While most olive skin tones have yellow hues, that’s also dependent on where you fall on the olive skin tone spectrum.

The lighter your olive shade, the cooler your undertones are. You should stick with rosy pink and warm peachy colours for your blusher and also look out for a beautiful bronzer.

The blusher colours we love for 2016 are:

Pinks: MAC Lovecloud, MAC Well Dressed
Peach: MAC Peaches, MAC Style, MAC Peachykeen, Bobbi Brown Nectar
Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit, MAC Refined Golden

The darker your shade, the deeper and more golden your undertones are. Try one of these:

Deep: MAC Fever, MAC Sketch
Golden: MAC Sincere, MAC Gingerly
Bronzer: Sophie’s Hoola by Benefit, MAC Bronzing Powder Wash & Dry Refined Golden

Anything too light and the colour won’t show up on your skin, but if it’s too dark, it can make your skin look muddy.”

What’s your favourite blusher shade?

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11 Responses

  1. I swear by Hoola from Benefit as a bronzer. NYX does a really good blusher bronzer combo called Bali Sunset which is incredible and lasts for ages.

  2. in terms of make-up blushes are probably the simplest. The shades of blush are fairly limited and having only a few will last you for a while. I generally don’t find a description on undertones very helpful. Most of us simply don’t now what are undertones are. Also many of us change skin shades with sun exposure and even tanning. if you are interested in finding out what your undertone is you may need to stop by your beauty counter and hope that whoever is behind it know what they are doing. I have olive skin and coming straight out of a bath I look like a tomato. However, I have a yellow undertone. Make- up is about creating contrast and depth. Look at it as a cube. Some things you want to bring forward others you want to push back. Adding light onto dark or dark onto light creates contrast. Some colours look good on you and others do not. Still colours that don’t typically suit you may work when combined with particular shades for example your eye shadow and blush are close enough that they can create a good balance. So too are your eyebrows. Your lip colour can either work with your skin tone or it could work with your outfit. Your face, clothes and accessories become a whole picture. I have often bought make-up because I loved the colour and then never used it because it needs a bit more than I bargained. In the end buy make-up that you love. Test colours on your skin to see if you love it. Is it an easy blend or will you need to work it?

    1. Definitely try NYX for a MAC Dupe. In many instances the shades are an almost exact match and you can get them at a fraction of the price you’d pay for MAC. I love MAC but struggle to afford it. NYX is a really good alternative. And as for quality, I’ve sometimes found NYX a better go-to than MAC.

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