Why you should opt for body oils this summer


Body oils are a wonderful alternative to creams and lotions, yet so many women steer clear of them. Whether it’s the fear of stickiness, a messy application or a greasy residue, this category of body care isn’t getting the credit it deserves.

But what makes them so wonderful?

– They are super versatile – not only do they hydrate and nourish the skin, but they can be used as massage oils, stretch mark minimisers and some are even suitable for the hair.

– In some cases, oils penetrate the skin more easily than a lotion or cream, and because many of them are pure, natural extracts from trees, nuts and plants, they’re usually free from added nasties.

– These natural ingredients usually have a beautiful, subtle scent.

– They leave the skin with a beautiful sheen, which looks particularly beautiful on exposed legs and arms in summer.

– They contain nourishing ingredients like omega fatty acids and vitamin E.

Here, four of our favourite body oils, and the main ingredient behind them:

Eco Products Baobab Oil – Quickly absorbed into the skin, this 100% natural oil doesn’t clog pores and is filled with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. It’s also safe to use on eczema, sun spots, minor burns and bed sores.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil – An intensive conditioning oil for the body, hair and nails, this beautifully scented oil contains an exotic blend of frangipani oil and coconut coprah oil.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil – Suitable for hair and body, it contains organic Community Fair Trade argan oil from Morocco. Luxuriously rich, this dry oil won’t leave you with an greasy residue.

Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil – Filled with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil, this magnolia-rich oil is suitable for all skin types. It’s known to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks, scar tissue and to moisturise extra dry skin.

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8 Responses

  1. The Magnolia Oil has a delicious name, I might have to consider with the dry winter skin coming out for summer…

  2. As much as I love oils and how nourishing they are, I do prefer to use them in winter instead of summer. I find that sometimes it just gets a bit much for my skin in the warmer weather but in winter, I will pick an oil over any lotion, cream or potion.

  3. I’m currently using the Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil as it has been recommended by several people saying that it helps with dark marks and stretch marks. Only time will tell if it will work on me too.

  4. The Body Shop’s argan oil is pricier than I thought, so I’m sticking to Bio Oil until they have a sale. Sneaky me ;)

  5. I love the idea of Body Shop Argan Oil which I can use on my body and hair – definitely going to give it a try.

  6. I like that you added the Bramley tissue oil on the list. It is the most affordable oil and has worked so well to fade dark marks on my legs.

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