Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner Street Art Limited Edition Trial Team

Aussie Street Art Conditioner

Price: R64,99
Availability: Selected Clicks stores nationwide

What we say:
Most of us worry about conditioner weighing down our hair and leaving us with a greasy look and feel once we have dried our hair off. I am pleased to say that this Mega Instant Conditioner made my hair feel instantly soft, it also washed out and never left my hair looking or feeling heavy. I was able to instantly comb through my wet hair too.

As I used the shampoo before the conditioner I was very pleased with the overall result of these two products. It is very affordable and pleasant to comb through my hair.
– Zoe Gruss, BSA Beauty Editor

This very funky bottle of conditioner works like a dream! Using only a small amount of this creamy sweet smelling conditioner goes a long way! While massaging it into your hair you can already start to feel the soft silkiness transforming your hair. After blow-drying, my hair is left so soft, light and manageable, which is something you really notice when you have hair as thick and heavy as mine. All the compliments I have received are how shiny, healthy and soft my hair is looking. My hair is definitely left vibrant and healthy after using this conditioner. It is also only necessary to wash my hair twice, maximum 3 times a week when using the Aussie shampoo and conditioner. It just stays bouncy, clean and silky for so much longer than any other product I’ve ever used! Again I absolutely intend on repurchasing this product as well as recommending it to friends and family.
– Rosemary

This conditioner claims to make your hair “soft any shiny”, no, I didn’t spell “and” wrong, that’s exactly what it said on the bottle. Well apart from that, this is an excellent product. The smell is the best out of the three products. It works instantly, which is good for when you’re in a rush to get out the door in the mornings. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new conditioner but I would not repurchase it unless there was a colour protect version. The bottle should just be bigger! 250ml? I could use a cup of conditioner very quickly. I wish I had more time to use these products before the review was due as I’ve only used them 3 or 4 times and I think that one should use a product for at least a month before judging them.  My hair has looked better and has been more manageable since using these products.
– Abigail

Another impressive product from the Aussie range, which also sported the vibrant purple graffiti design in a cylindrical bottle. I have really dry hair but despite that, after my first use, this left my hair instantly shiny and radiant. It was really easy to comb out as it has a miracle detangling effect and the brilliant part is it did not weigh my hair down at all. It left my hair soft and smelling great.
– Rasheeda

After cleansing my hair with the Aussie shampoo then using the mega conditioner. As with the shampoo this product is great. The bottle is easily gripped and opened, it has the same packaging which is great. The packaging does stand out from the rest. The purpose of this conditioner is that is won’t cause any build up and gives your hair some bounce while looking shiny. My hair felt amazing and it had life to it. The conditioner has a thick, light yellow consistency. The smell was floral and the conditioner smoothed over on my hair. My hair felt softer and silkier since I started with this brand. This conditioner can be used everyday and is great for those looking for a product that gives you cleaner, softer and silkier hair. This is a kind of product that does not weigh down your hair and only works if it is used with the mega shampoo.
– Sameera

I love the funky street art graffiti type label with vibrant colours and the kangaroos embossed on the containers. The conditioner smells almost overpoweringly fruity. It contains the Australian Paw flower for leaving your hair soft and shiny. The conditioner is a bit thinner than the conditioners I am used to and I had to use quite a lot to cover my thick long mane. I have long thick wavy hair that tangles quite a lot in the humid Durban summer and I therefore need a conditioner that can assist with this. I do not want to scare the neighbourhood kids after all. After using nearly half a bottle of conditioner, I had to grab my usual conditioner to help get my hair into less bird’s nest and a more manageable state. As with the shampoo, this conditioner is great for normal healthy hair. I definitely would not recommended this conditioner for dry, coloured, frizzy, damaged hair or hair that tends to tangle. For help with that, one has to use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. Personally the price of R69.95 is also a bit too steep for me. FINAL VERICT: Great for normal healthy hair, but if your hair needs special care, rather use Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner.
– Suretha

When I don’t condition my hair after washing it, I feel like I’ve committed a huge sin. My hair is extremely long and fine so keeping it shiny and moisturised is non-negotiable. I love that Aussie’s conditioner for everyday use is light but gives me the shine and healthy appearance I need without weighing it down. It also doesn’t hurt that the conditioner smells so good I could almost eat it, the scent still lingers even after my hair has dried. Even though my hair is so long, I use a small dollop to spread through towel-dried hair and it’s more than enough to give me the nourishment I need, which just means it’ll last me quite some time considering I wash my hair every second day – score! Aussie is clearly a smart brand, providing high quality hair products at a fraction of the cost that you’d spend in salons. The packaging really appeals to me in that it’s young with a touch of a hippie vibe. Plus, if you’ve ever picked up one of their products and read the labels, you can’t help but smile. It’s none of that dreary old boring technical talk, it tells you what it does and that’s the truth.
– Kate Leong

The conditioner has a very nice packaging. It leaves your hair smelling very nice and clean. It is thick so you don’t need to use a lot. My hair stays clean and soft for up to 2 days. After you use the conditioner your hair feels so much better. The bottle is just big enough so that you can hold it in your hand. I am getting so many complements from people asking what hair products I am using as my hair is looking so much better. I would sure buy the conditioner again. I am very happy with Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner.
– Lorraine

The conditioner comes in a slightly smaller 250ml bottle, with the same attractive scent and fabulous Street Art packaging. The conditioner has a jelly-like texture, and despite its promises of being an ‘instant conditioner’, I find it works best if you leave it in for a minute or two before rinsing it out. This conditioner serves as an excellent detangler, so be sure to gently work at those knots after applying the conditioner. It rinses out easily and leaves no residue behind. Your hair is left with a healthy shine, and a candy scent, which is not overwhelming at all. While it does not live up to its ‘instant conditioner’ promise, it certainly works well for the price. I will definitely be re-purchasing this product in the Aussie range. Every girl should own a bottle.

This conditioner smells just like the shampoo, absolute yumminess!  It opens the same way as the shampoo, by pressing on the cap. The consistency is thick and is ‘pale yellow’ in colour.  Like the shampoo it can also be used everyday. I found that it did not detangle my hair very well, it would probably work better on shorter hair. It did however leave my hair soft and shiny.  Overall I am happy with this product and would purchase it.
– Ginna

I’ve used this conditioner in conjunction with its partner shampoo. The results were fabulous! The bottle is easy to open, with a press down lid, which is very easy to use. The design and packaging is different and eye catching. After shampooing, I used the conditioner for about a minute. My hair is mostly dry and frizzy. This conditioner, with Kangaroo Paw Flower, smells divine and works even better. It was not greasy and left my hair shiny, manageable and frizz free. My hair was softer than I’ve ever felt it before. It definitely gave my hair more body. By the third use I could definitely a huge improvement in the way my hair looks and feels. I’m amazed by this range and will definitely be buying this again and again!
– Shakira

The conditioner claims it will wash away all build up, prevent dull hair and there will no need to use anything else, however; after using the deep conditioner, this product comes second. While it smells amazing, I wanted to drink it, I feel like it falls a bit short. It comes in a while plastic bottle, with the graffiti branding on the front. It has a purple push lid. The product is runny enough to work through the ends but also thick enough that it holds to the hair. I was happy with how it made me hair feel, and I received compliments on the softness and smell of my hair but I felt it did not work as well as the deep conditioner. The conditioner and shampoo have an ingredient called Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower, which is meant to help fight product build up, prevent dullness and bring shine to the hair. My hair was shinier, it felt softer and smelt heavenly but I felt like this was as a result of using all the products. I was not amazed by the conditioner. I would recommend the deep conditioner instead.
– Hasmitha

I like the cool graffiti design on the bottle it’s bright and eye-catching. The top of the bottle has little kangaroo’s etched on it. The Mega instant conditioner is thick in consistency and a little goes a long way. It didn’t weigh my hair down like other conditioners. The scent of the conditioner has floral notes and is very pleasant. After using the Aussie Street Art Limited Edition Mega Instant Conditioner my hair looked shiny and healthy. What I like most about this conditioner is that it’s effective and it doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy.
– Ruweida

This product promises to leave virtually no build up, no dull lifeless hair and to leave your hair soft and shiny. It also comes in a beautiful eye catching bottle, with a street art design in pink and purple and a flip open cap to make it easier for application. It has a floral sweet scent just like the Mega Shampoo as they both have Kangaroo Paw Flower extract in them, which I love! With the Mega Shampoo leaving my hair squeaky clean I found this product great for giving back the smooth silky texture and the feeling of having more body. With my hair dry I noticed it being shinier and having more volume. I have very long hair and I usually feel the conditioner weighing down my hair even more, but this product really left no build up on my hair to weigh it down. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again! .
– Kiara

The Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner for everyday conditioning also contains the Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower, which means that it has the same fruity gummy sweeties fragrance as the shampoo. And after using both the shampoo & conditioner, the fragrance deliciously lingers in your hair! I even had some colleagues at work comment on the heavenly aroma wafting off my hair ;) The conditioner is creamy and the colour of light fudge. I found that a little goes a long way, and the conditioner also rinses out very well. The packaging is hip & fresh in white with a funky ‘street art’ design in fuchsia pink and purple. After one week of use, my hair feels softer, smoother & more manageable, and I will definitely be adding this conditioner to my shopping list.
– Mariaan

Like many ladies I’m very picky about my hair products, especially when it comes to hair conditioner. I was blown away by the Aussie Street Art conditioner. This conditioner can be used every day without that awful greasy feeling, and hair that looks flat with no body or style. Just a little bit of conditioner was enough to give me all the benefits my hair needed resulting in soft, silky hair that smells amazing. My hair scored big time with this conditioner just like the shampoo my hair was instantly tamed of frizz and horrid fly-aways. There is something unique in the formula of Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract, it’s like magic for hair. Just Shampoo with Aussie Street Art Shampoo, rinse, add just a little of the conditioner while hair is wet, take a wide toothed comb and comb through the hair, rinse and Voila! Instant soft, manageable, silky hair in only minutes. The packaging is very attractive; it comes in a white squeeze bottle with easy to open and close cap. I love the kangaroos printed on the neck of the bottle and the bright pink and purple makes it look so girly and funky – I love it. No doubt this has become my favorite conditioner.
– Nancy

The packaging is simple, with a splash of funk in front, seeing that the purple is key, it will definitely attract more women customers. I love the smell and the easy to use nozzle. After using it, I found that my hair easily become oily and very fast, however considering the type of hair I have this would happen regardless. I usually don’t use any conditioner and the fact that the Aussie Mega shampoo is already conditioning is enough for me. That’s just for me though, I’d recommend this product if you need a good conditioner.
– Sloane

This conditioner is really good. It smells great so you know your hair will smell delicious afterwards. It doesn’t cause build-up so it can be used daily, isn’t that great? Another good thing is that it doesn’t leave hair greasy afterwards. The packaging is the same as that of the shampoo, practical and easy to use, just squeeze the bottle and if the lid is open the conditioner will come out. The packaging is also colorful and attractive. The conditioner smells delicious and the smell lasts on my hair. It is thick and creamy just like a conditioner should be.  Since I began using this conditioner my hair feels smoother and I’m able to use it daily without my hair getting greasy or weighed down. I use the conditioner after using the Aussie Street Art Shampoo and since I wash my hair often due to gymming and also the fact that my hair is long I would say that this conditioner would last me a month. This is a very good product and definitely worth trying for those of you who haven’t. The price is reasonable and so definitely affordable.
– Maria

This conditioner leaves your hair shiny and soft. I love the scent. The bottle size is fairly smaller than regular conditioners. I wash and condition my hair every day so this bottle won’t last very long for me. This conditioner is no different the conditioner I use at present and I won’t easily change to this brand.

Holy Grail Conditioner? CHECK!! I am amazed beyond words for this amazing dream product. Firstly I HATE conditioners, mainly because I have very oily hair, this conditioner changed my mind completely! It is light yet absolutely conditioning, it really holds up the name “instant conditioner” because once I rinsed it out, I was left with soft, silky, shiny and sexy hair! I especially like the consistency of the conditioner, it looks similar to petroleum jelly, but much more lighter of course, you’ll know the difference because this conditioner smells so dreamy, I’ve never smelt anything as dreamy before. So if you want a miracle hair conditioner… Look no further.
– Priya


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