The lazy girl’s guide to creating a beauty routine

The lazy girl's guide to a beauty routine

As much as we love beauty, let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or patience to stand in front of a mirror for an hour getting ready to go out. This doesn’t mean that you need to skip out on primping all together; it just means that you should opt for a simpler beauty routine that will have you beautified and ready to go in no time.

Skin care:
While there are ways to cut down your skin care routine, it is still important that your skin gets a thorough cleanse. We suggest a simple 3-step program consisting of a cleanser, toner & moisturiser. Using a facial scrub once a week will help to remove dead skin cells and if your skin requires it, you could add an eye cream to your routine too.

Tip: When exercising you are inevitably going to sweat (if not, what’s your secret?). Keep a pack of cleansing wipes in your bag to gently cleanse your skin after your workout.

We love: The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, R70

We all have days when we wake up and our hair doesn’t look it’s best. While you may debate whether or not your colleagues will notice a bit of greasiness – believe us, they will! Lucky, dry shampoo can solve this problem. A few spritzes will not only conceal greasiness, but it will also help you style your hair into that intricate plait you’ve been dying to try out!

We love: Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo, R90

With the right products, it is easy to create a clean and fresh make-up look in very little time. Rather than using a full coverage foundation that requires precise blending, opt for a lightweight BB cream that will not only give you a fresh complexion, but is also easy to blend with your fingers. If you find that a BB Cream doesn’t cover blemishes or dark circles, apply a light concealer to any problem areas.

To add a touch of colour to your look we suggest applying a light wash of blusher and lip colour. Keep your routine simple by using a lip and cheek tint. Not only is it convenient as you only have to worry about one product, but the colour can be built up from a sheer wash to a bold lip for a night out.

To brighten your eyes, apply a few lashings of volumising mascara. There is no need to apply eye shadow if you don’t want to, as the mascara will open your eyes and give you a fresh appearance. Don’t forget about your brows – if they’re neat and groomed, you’ll find you need less eye make-up.

We love: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream, R160 | Woolworths Lip & Cheek Tint, R49.95 | Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, R74.95 | Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara, R220.

While cosmetics brushes of any kind hold a certain allure that no woman can ignore, it doesn’t mean that you need to use a multitude of hairbrushes and make-up brushes to get ready. Freshly washed hair? Save styling time by using a brush suitable for wet hair that you can use to style your hair with as well.

If you are pressed for time when doing your make-up, keep things simple and rather than using several different brushes, use your fingers to apply your foundation, concealer, cream blusher and even a swipe of eye shadow!

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  1. I will definitely be investing in some dry shampoo and I swear by bb creams especially on those crazy mornings rushing off to work

  2. Batiste dry shampoo is the absolute best and every girls should have a can or two at arms length.

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