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Everything you need to know about caring for your hair during lockdown

Everything you need to know about caring for your hair during lockdown 2

Staying home during the SA lockdown is absolutely essential to help prevent the spread of covid-19. We’re using the extra time to take proper care of ourselves and indulge a little in the beauty products we’ve been hoarding. For those of us who are used to having our hair professionally coloured and treated, the five-week lockdown is a major adjustment! Not sure what to do with your mane? We asked the experts at Inoar all our pressing lockdown-hair questions.

*Plus* did you know that Inoar is operating during lockdown? You can order online from their website here.

What sort of treatments can I perform on my hair at home while I’m not able to pop out to my salon?
Breaking, fragile hair needs protein, right? WRONG! 🚨⁠⠀Did you know that a lack of MOISTURE lies at the root of most hair issues (pun intended!) Dull hair? Split ends? Colour fade? Breakage? Are all results of under-moisturized hair. In general, if your hair isn’t feeling its best, it’s much more likely that you’re dealing with moisture loss, which most often is caused by chemical treatments (like relaxers and highlights) and heat styling (like a hairdryer or curling iron). If your hair is dry, easily tangled, and weak, it may need more moisture. As the seasons change, your hair’s natural moisture levels may change too. Hair tends to feel drier after autumn transitions into winter, which may be credited to the harsh cold air or even exposure to indoor heaters, so step up your moisture-regime during this time.⠀

– Use a true moisturiser that has water as 1st or 2nd ingredient.⠀
– Seal in moisture with an oil like Argan oil, Shea butter, castor oil, or avocado oil.⠀
– Avoid heat styling or doing this too often⠀
– Sleep on a satin pillowcase, as cotton pillowcases may strip your hair of natural moisture!⠀

This is a great time to really get the best out of those great masks and treatments you don’t always have time to leave on long enough. One of our favourite things? Applying a luxurious hair oil, focusing on the damaged areas (slather it on!), and leaving it on overnight. Our pure hair oils provide deep moisture and nourishment, leaving your hair silky soft after rinsing the next morning.⁠

Give your hair hydration & nourishment (as it can take a lot of it now) and get your hair ready to book a Keratin treatment once this lock down is over to have the BEST looking & healthiest hair!

Try Inoar’s Virgin Coconut Oil (R450.00) or Argan Oil (R610.00 for 60ml). They are pure and refined, giving them the ability to deeply penetrate both the hair strands and the scalp to nourish without forming an oily film. ⁠Top tip: you can also apply them to your skin – they smell divine!⁠ ⁠

Is there anything I should avoid doing to my hair at home during the lockdown?

  • DON’T cut your own hair! STEP AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS! Please leave the hair cutting to the professionals! #LockDownHair is NOT a good look 🙈 Rather Google some easy styling tutorials to help you cope with shorter styles growing out.
  • DON’T wear a “facelift ponytail!” When tying up your hair, don’t pull it too tightly, and don’t use tight or stringent elastics. As @lisaivonehair says: The Facelift Ponytail is a NO!” ⁠ Too much tension on the hair can make it prone to snapping. Use scrunchies (so hot right now!), silk scarves, twillies and stretchy bobbles instead or plate your hair (a great way to hide any unwanted roots that are peaking out!).
  • DON’T bring the heat! One way to maintain and improve the condition of your hair whilst not being able to visit your stylist? ⁠STEP AWAY FROM THE HAIRDRYER! ⁠If you can, avoid using heat to style your hair whilst at home. ⁠Heat can cause damage to the hair strands when not applied appropriately, and with good heat protection. For curly girls, when applied excessively, heat can permanently damage the hair bonds, leaving hair dull and lifeless. And we definitely don’t want that!⁠ So, if you’re not having an important video call today, rather let your hair air-dry naturally! ⁠ TRICK: make small plates with slightly damp hair and let it try, for beautiful beach waves once your hair is dry!⁠

We love Inoar’s Afro Vegan range. It was developed with afro, natural and curly hair in mind and contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and castor oil to deeply moisturise and protect the hair.

The question on everyone’s lips – is it okay to box dye seeing as I can’t visit my stylist?
DON’T colour your own hair at home! We know you want to hide your regrowth, but please don’t do it! There is a reason hair stylists are trained and hair colouring is an art – one size (i.e. box colour) does NOT fit all and the results are unpredictable… Box colour contains just one formula.

Applying it to your whole head will give you just that—one, flat colour. Unless you have some pre-existing colour or highlights, then you may end up with orange roots, red mid-lenghts and pink highlights! But that’s not the type of colour dimension you were looking for, right? If you are worried about your regrowth, rather use clever styling tricks such as plating, to ‘hide’ your roots.

To keep your colour from going brassy, especially for blondes and greys, use a “purple” range to cancel out the brassiness, such as Inoar Absolut Speed Blond range. The ultimate yellow eliminator, this range corrects the hair tone and helps prevent discolouration.

Any tips for maintaining natural ethnic hair at home?
Tips for the best and healthiest hair at home is to treat yourself hair with Natural oils & butters and to keep away from heat, weaves and tight braiding in order to give your hair the chance to breathe and to soak up moisture.

Natural proteins and which is hydrolyzed is also very important to get hair strong – proteins such as:

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat protein
  • Hydrolyzed Oatmeal extract
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

Best oils & butters for ethnic hair

  • Shea butter
  • Castor oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Cottonseed oil

Amino acids are also very important for the maintenance of ethnic hair.

Try Inoar Virgin Coconut Oil (R450.00) or the Afro Vegan range.

DIY skin and hair masks are being spread all over the internet. Is there any real benefit to making my own hair masks from kitchen ingredients?
DIY skin & hair treatments made from ingredients in the kitchen will not be that sufficient as the processes that the actual ingredients go through to get the pure oil, butter (which is the magic and the most importance for the health of hair) is not possible at home and is very time-consuming and costly.

For example it takes 40 kilograms of dried argan fruit to produce only one litre of oil, which is extracted and that can be used for the best results. It’s the oils and butters of natural ingredients which is the source of hair wellness and health which needs to be extracted to get the maximum results and performance.

What sort of in-salon treatment would be good to book after the lockdown is lifted?
If you have been able to take reasonably good  of your hair during lockdown by using plenty of MOISTURE products (such as using oils and hydration products), then you can go for a Keratin Treatment or a Botox Treatment which will reseal the cuticles and lock the moisture into the hair that you have been able to get in there during lockdown.

But, if your hair’s moisture levels are not optimal, then the best would be to do a bond repair or moisture booster treatment as your first stop. If you are going to colour your hair, make sure you do the colour treatment first, and then your keratin or moisture treatment thereafter.

Info courtesy of the Inoar SA team.


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