Garnier BB Cream Oil Free Trial Team

Garnier Oil Free BB Cream

Price: R74,95
Availability: Selected retail stores and pharmacies nationwide

What we say:
I tried the original Garnier BB Cream when it first came out and didn’t like it, so I steered away from BB Creams in general, however this product has changed my view. The tube is small, light and super easy to pop into your handbag. It is unscented so it’s perfect for sensitive skin! I was also pleased that it’s almost exactly the same consistency as the foundation I use, fairly thin and natural looking, but thick enough to give good coverage! My skin is quite pale and I usually use the lightest shade of foundation available, so I was worried about using a “general” colour, however it blends in well with my skin, although it seems to leave dark patches on your jaw line if not rubbed in properly. It doesn’t give as much coverage as a normal foundation; however I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin tone since using it, so I am trying to fit it into my daily makeup routine however possible! If I need good coverage for the day I’ll use it as a primer or mix it with my foundation, if I’m going for a laid back look it is perfect on its own!

With so many BB creams on the market, one is quite unsure which one to use. The Garnier BB cream has definitely worked for me. Its light weight, yet the hydrating formula definitely made my skin feel nourished without the excess shine. Having a combination skin with underlying congestion, I’m cautious with the products I use. The product left my skin with a matte finish and to top it off it smells delicious. The product comes in a tube, so it helps to prevent product contamination, which is a huge plus. First time application made me a bit wary because the color is quite orange, but once applied it blends with your own skin tone and evens out any blemishes or marks. I am so impressed with this product because all I do now is cleanse, tone and moisturise. Definitely an all in one product for me. The target market is for anyone that’s needs a boost in their skincare regime, especially those time constricted moms or the get up and go woman.

I like the smell of the Garnier Oil Free BB Cream, it is very subtle & not overbearing. It feels very smooth and soft on the skin. Personally I’m not a fan of ‘tube’ like products but this one is ok as it is a maneable size and it can easily go into your handbag. Once I’ve applied it, it easily absorbs into the skin, very light. I love the feel of it on my skin. Since using it, people around me have noticed a difference. This BB cream absolutely works for me. It lasts long and is suitable for a day at the beach. I would absolutely recommend it and I have already started marketing it to my friends.
– Faith

The pro’s of the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector: It is great value for the size, price & quality. It has little to no smell, which is good, as I hate strong smells on my face. It has a matte but radiant finish which is great for combination/oily skin. It is much better than the original formula which remained quite tacky on my skin. It has a cute tube which is easy to pop into your bag. It is a great all-in-one product which makes it easier to get ready in the mornings. It is quick and easy to use and it blends like a dream.

The cons:
It has a screw on lid and the formula is quite runny so it is a bit messy sometimes. I would have preferred a flip top. In very hot weather, it still needs to be set with powder, especially the T-zone. If used around the eye area it can be a bit drying, so I would recommend using a cream underneath it. Overall, a highly recommended product, rivaling higher end foundations! I would definitely repurchase it. If you’re worried about getting the right shade (there’s only 3), buy 2 and custom blend them to get the perfect match!
– Alexa

Garnier BB Cream for oily/combination skin is a great multi-purpose beauty product. It provides SPF20, an essential ingredient in sunny South Africa.

It is packaged in a thin plastic tube. I was a bit disappointed as some of the product leaked out from the tube into the lid and was a bit messy. The box contains most of the information you need to know about the cream. The cream itself is a bit runny, which works well in preventing you from applying too much and gives you that natural look. For days when I needed a bit more coverage I simply added another layer. This still gave me a flawless finish that blended well with my natural skin tone. It has a very faint, typical foundation smell, which doesn’t linger.

The BB Cream lasted me throughout the day, and gave me a lovely matte finish, but not that horrible powdered-face look. I did use a bit of loose powder on my forehead, as my forehead is oilier than the rest of my face. My nose is very dry and this product isn’t ideal for dry skin (it says on the packaging it’s for oily skin), but overall I was very happy with it.

Some of my female co-workers did comment on how great my skin looks so clearly there is a noticeable difference since I started using Garnier BB Cream. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a versatile BB Cream that offers great results at an affordable price.
– Carla

Thank you for letting me test the Garnier Oil free BB cream. I must be honest that I would never have bought the product as the packaging does not draw catch eye, and this specific product doesn’t really go well with my skin type. I have rossea and also a very sensitive skin so I was hesitant to try out the product. However I was impressed after my very first application. The consistency is creamy and has a wonderful smell.  The cream did not look flakey on my skin after application, which I have found with other BB creams; in fact it felt like I had applied moisturizer. After application my skin felt smooth and looked refreshed. I was also very impressed with the tint colour of the cream. My skin looked natural and supple. It really did cover my rossea condition and some days it wasn’t even necessary to use foundation. I must also state that it lasted the whole day even after my gym sessions. I have not found clogging of my pores, which causes terrible outbreaks in my skin. I am positive that it will work well with any skin type and I will definitely buy this product again.
– Tanya

I find the packaging to be straightforward, simple with clean lines and overall visually appealing as well as functional. The product is runny though so best to keep nozzle up right when opening. The consistency of the BB cream is thinner and a bit runnier compared to other BB Creams but this does not bother me and I find the formula to be much easier to apply and to blend in, especially when layering a second coat for more coverage. It has a light almost non-existent herbal like fragrance, which I find to be pleasing. Unfortunately for me, the shade Medium in this BB cream is far to light for my skin which I find disappointing as after trying the first Garnier Miracle perfector in Medium for normal skin it was a perfect match, hence the disappointment of shade variations. But as I wanted to give this product a thorough testing, I wore it for a full day (albeit in doors). I need to let it be known that for a BB cream, it offers amazing coverage and made my skin appear flawless, not to mention it was comfortable to wear as my skin felt soft and hydrated! Unfortunately even though I wish I could, I would not repurchase this product due to the shade being off for my skin tone, and with the lack of shades available I doubt I would find one that matched perfectly, which is a great pity for me as this definitely ticks all my boxes for my dream BB cream! So for that reason I would definitely recommend it to others whom I think it would suit!
– Nicole

It’s been a week since I started using the Garnier BB cream and I must say there has been a visible difference from the start. I have instant coverage and a much less oily appearance but still a glow. The tube is sturdy and appealing but because of its very liquid consistency the screw top can be a bit of a hassle. There is no distinctive fragrance and it applies easily without leaving my skin tight or dry. I have had various comments with regards to my complexion as the blotchiness is less visible. It stays on most of the day. And only fully comes off when cleansing. I am very pleased with the product and will both purchase and recommend it in future.
– Fatima

I had been waiting for BB cream to hit the South African market for years since I had read that it was supposed to be a one stop cream that would nourish, brighten and protect your skin while providing it with a light coverage. Since I am a huge foundation addict, I was concerned that it would be more like a lightweight tinted moisturizer and wouldn’t provide the cover I needed. I immediately rushed out to get a tube if the original Garnier BB cream when it came to SA. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it provided me with sufficient coverage with a little concealer required on some spots- damn this aging process/thank goodness for its SPF! People immediately complimented my “glowy” skin. Unfortunately, due a problematic T-zone, by mid-afternoon, this glow was more like an oil spill… enter the combination to oily version. When using it I was surprised at how different the two’s consistencies were. I assumed that with it needing to be more mattifying, it would have been thicker or have more coverage. This is however not the case. Also, with the original version, I comfortably used the “light” version but in the combo/oily version, the “light” is much lighter and the “medium” is too dark for my skin. I am currently using the two mixed to achieve the correct shade.

So… Things I like: Same fresh smell, Longer lasting, No more mid-afternoon oily T-zone but still glowing skin, Slimmer, more elegant, The higher SPF! (love that)
Things I don’t like: The colours differ to the original version, Runny consistency (the lids end up a runny mess-pic attached), One negative to the slimmer tube is that it keeps tipping over since the base is so small. This is not a problem with the original tube.

So would I recommend it to others… sure I would and have to many a friend, family member and colleague. The product speaks for itself since the difference is visible so I have no problem with sharing the skin love.
– Lesley-Ann

Thank you so much for awarding me the opportunity to review the Garnier Oli Free BB Cream. The day that I received the product I was immediately impress by the packing, not just the look but also all the information that was so clear on the outside about the product. Since I was using the Revlon BB cream at the time I new exactly what the purpose of product is and I was not entirely happy with the Revlon one so I was hoping that the Garnier one would work for me.

I could see a difference by the second day of using this product. My face stayed fresher for longer, and did not become oily at all, which is great as I’m on the road and haven’t got the time to freshen up my face all the time in between customers. That being said, I did not see any significance changes in the texture of my skin. Would I recommend it to friends? Yes, but the only negative feedback is although I like the tube it is in I do not like the consistency of this product as it’s very runny which means it comes out too fast and can become very wasteful. Other than that I will buy this product again.
– Berenice

Joy was my first reaction upon receiving your email. What a great way to the year with freebies. Garnier BB cream is not as thick as other creams as it’s rather runny and it blends in easily on to the skin leaving it flawless and radiant. It is so good with oil control that it can be worn on its own. The only downside of the cream was that hours after application I started showing some shine on my forehead although shine is my biggest problem, it was not as much as I usually experience with other cream! No more powder touch-ups!
– Linda

The purpose of this product is beautify the face. It provides a matte finish, minimizes pores and makes your skin silky. The packaging is ok; it’s not as striking as first Garnier BB. The difference I’ve noticed is that my friends noticed and it has changed how my skin texture looks. The cream lasts up till midday on my face as I have oily skin, but it has given me hope. I have recommended it to my friend as they like it, I love it too and I will buy it. The product is good; I must say I’m loving it!
– Lulama

At last a BB Cream for oily skin! I am just as impressed with this product as I was with the original Garnier BB cream. This product delivers all it’s promises. I usually do not wear any foundation because of the effort it takes to apply but this is a dream. It applies easily, looks natural when applied and keeps my face shine free all day long. I love it!
– Ashlinn

I was very excited to receive something in the mail to try out. I have never used a BB cream and didn’t know it was (hides face). I only use scrub, toner and moisturizer regularly. I like the packaging and was visually drawn to it. I liked the smell but thought it was too runny when pressing it out of the tube. When I received the cream I was a bit tanned from the summer holidays and was weary to try the light colour of the cream on my new skin colour. I was right, it was too pasty. I let my mom try it as well and she didn’t like the result as it didn’t quite match up to her skin. I left it for a few days and tried again after my tanned colout toned down a bit. I applied it and once rubbed in, it didn’t look as bad as the first attempt but as the day moved on I started getting little dry patches where the cream must have seeped in. it was almost flaky on closer inspection, probably where my skin is drier than the rest of my face. I think I will just stick to my moisturizer but thanks for the opportunity. I was always curious as to what this BB cream was about.
– Candice


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  1. I absolutely love this BB cream. I bought it to use on the weekends but now use it 7 days a week.

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