Sh’Zen Natural Essence Clearing Lotion Trial Team

Clearing Lotion

Size: 30ml
Price: R149
Availability: Please visit for further information on Sh’Zen consultants.

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
Hi beauties! I was recently sent a product to review by Sh’zen and BeautySouthAfrica! I felt so privileged to receive it! As soon as I read it’s a clearing lotion I immediately cleansed my face and tried it out. The main purpose of the Sh’Zen Clearing Lotion is to clear up those big grumpy annoying pimples! I really adore this product as it has a numerous amount of natural products in it like lemon which helps to clear out the bacteria overnight, juniper berry helps to decongest pores and it also includes lavender which calms and revitalizes your skin. This is definitely a must-have for acne-prone teenagers!

I like the way that they packaged this product. They gave it a very natural theme. The colour of the outer package is green and white while the actual product package itself comes in a glass bottle with a white lid. The product inside is pink and is quite liquidly.

How to apply the product: before bed, after cleansing your face, apply directly onto the pimple using a cotton wool earbud. Rinse off in the morning . I feel this method is really easy as it does its magic while you’re asleep! The product smells like calamine lotion.

I am very impressed with this product! I have seen extraordinary results in my face after using this product for 3 days in a row. Therefore I would highly recommend this product to all those like me that stuffer from acne. I would also repurchase this. This can be also used by young adults and not only teenagers. This product is officially my new essential!
– Nazmeera

The product claims to offer fast-acting relief from break-outs almost overnight, by drying out the pimple. The Sh’Zen products can only be purchased from a Sh’Zen consultant so you can check out their website to find one closest to you. At R149 for a 30ml it seems a bit overpriced but it goes quite far and is worth it. The product comes in a glass transparent bottle and has two parts: clear oil on the top and a light pink sediment on the bottom. You DO NOT SHAKE the bottle to mix the two parts. The scent at first is a little overpowering but after a while you get accustomed to it. Application is pretty straightforward, all you require is a cotton bud, which you dip into the pink sediment and then apply directly onto the spot. Now just a little warning, this burns at first but cools down after a minute or so. Also try to avoid the area around your eye as this tends to burn the eyes as well. I suggest applying this an hour or so before bed as the product dries white and you end up looking like a white spotted lady bug.

It dries up small pimples within one application but for larger ones you may require 3 or 4 nights for it to fully disappear. Although this product removes the pimple it does leave marks, just as popping the pimple would but I did find these marks lightening within 3 days or so. My final verdict: (4/5) If you have mild acne or just the odd pimple creeping up every now-and-then and can deal with the strong scent and the slight burning I suggest giving this a go; especially for those painful pimples. I would not suggest this for someone with moderate or severe acne as you would have to apply this all over your face and it will dry out your skin. All in all a good product but I’m still in search of an S.O.S spot treatment that works over-night without leaving any marks.

I had the wonderful opportunity of trying the Sh’Zen Clearing Lotion. It is a great product to try out for people who suffer from bad acne on the face. The product is very strong and even when applying it for the first few days there is a slight sting for the first few seconds, there after it absorbs well on the skin. The product comes in a nice portable container, which makes it easy to carry around for all the ladies.

The smell of the product is absolutely lovely but I would not recommend it to anyone who suffers from asthma, as the smell is super strong. For the first week it caused a breakout but as the days go by it starts to clear. I love it and I know most people with the same skin problem as me will love it too.
– Nickay

This is a spot control treatment that dries out the spot/pimple over-night. It takes away your pimples and spots in a matter of nights. The product comes in a cute small bottle which cannot be shaken when you apply there product, therefore you need to use a cotton bud, by dipping it in the liquid and applying the Calamine solution at the bottom.

The product smells exactly like the calamine that you would get from your local store, and it has two different types of consistencies. The bottom is the calamine solution that helps dry out the spots, and then the top clear layer is the solution that helps repair the skin while treating the spot. After two weeks of using the product, most of the pimples have gone away. The product seems like it will last for about five to six months with the correct usage, and I am content with the product, as it does what it says it will do.

I would not personally purchase the product because it does not help keep away the pimples, they reappear in a matter of days, unlike the products I already use. If there were a way to help keep the spots away then I would purchase the product myself. Though, I like how fast it works, in three nights a big pimple on my cheek had almost disappeared.
– Nozi


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