Garnier Softening Toner, Goodbye Dry Trial Team

Garnier Softening Toner

Price: R59.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
The toner I reviewed did exactly what it promised – to be a toner that does not dry out your skin. The first thing I noticed when I received the product was the lid. It was the first lid I had used that was a great design, and left no room for leaking, yet was not hard to open or close.

Besides the lid, the overall packaging of the toner was pleasant with pink shades and easy to read font, and a nice suitable size that will last a sufficient amount of time.

The toner did not have a strong or noticeable scent but didn’t smell bad or bland, and had a perfect consistency. Over a few weeks I used the toner at night and it did not dry out my skin once.

It left my skin feeling smooth, and I didn’t wake up with dry skin, which I had experienced with previous toners.  I was incredibly happy with this product and am going to continue using it, and when it runs out I plan to buy another one.
– Hannah

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