Gentle Treatment Extreme Repair Crème Treatment Trial Team

Gentle Treatment Extreme Repair Creme Treatment

Price: R44.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
If you have damaged hair, then this product is for you. It contains moisturizing aloe vera to help give back life to hair that has been damaged by treatments such as straightening, braiding and colouring.

The Johnsons Extreme Repair Crème Treatment had a thick consistency that gets absorbed into the hair quickly and easily. You can immediately feel the relief of the moisturizer on your scalp and your hair.

I have been using this product for about a week, and so far I am very impressed. My hair had been breaking because of a colour treatment I did over 6 months ago. Since I started using this Extreme Repair Crème Treatment, There is definitely a noticeable reduction in hair breakage on my comb.

You do not need a lot of the product, just a coin sized amount is enough to spread through your hair, otherwise it will get limp and heavy if you put too much.

This Johnsons Extreme Repair Crème Treatment is definitely going to be on my shopping list next time I go shopping for hair products and I would recommend it for anyone looking for an effective hair repair treatment.
– Sharon


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