How can I stop my post-pregnancy hair loss?

I had a baby recently. She’s 4 and a a half months old now and my hair is falling out like crazy. Sometimes whole clumps comes out. I know it’s due to giving birth and breastfeeding, but is there anything I can do to minimise it? My hair is becoming awfully thin and I can see my scalp in certain areas. It’s really depressing me.

How can I stop post-pregnancy hairloss?

Dr Graham Duncombe from Skin, Body & Health Renewal offers the following advice:

“Hi and thank you for your question. Your body is telling you that your nutrient reserves are low. A new baby in your life will disrupt sleeping patterns and add to a degree of anxiety too. In this situation, you have to at least double your nutrient intake, particularly vitamin B12, Biotin and iron. I usually recommend to pregnant ladies that they continue their pregnancy vitamin supplements for at least three months following delivery and this is important for longer with breastfeeding demands. Omega fatty acids of good quality are just as important. Hormonal levels are not yet back into balance following your delivery and will gradually normalise over the next few months which will return your hair to its balanced hair growth stages again.”

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  1. Biotin is great. My hair is only growing now, 6 years after giving birth and since I’ve been taking biotin.

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