How to: Hide your allergy symptoms


After months of rain and gloomy skies, spring time finally brings some sunnier weather, brighter colours and lighter spirits. But for allergy sufferers, it’s the beginning of a multitude of problems. Anyone prone to hay fever will understand the frustrations that come with allergy symptoms, and how difficult it can be to conceal them. Try these helpful tips the next time you come down with the sniffles:

Dark circles and puffiness
The dreaded under eye circles seem to make their appearance as soon as allergies hit, and stay there regardless of how much sleep you get. The best way to hide them is to invest in a good quality under-eye concealer. If your eyes are puffy, hold a cold teaspoon against them for five minutes before applying a brightening eye cream (we love Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate), before applying your concealer.

Chapped lips
Uncomfortable and unsightly, chapped lips also get really sore if the skin starts to tear. The best thing to do is to exfoliate them regularly with a lip scrub (LUSH Cosmetics have a lovely range available), or to just make your own by mixing olive oil and brown sugar. Be gentle though – the skin on the lips is very sensitive. Follow with a hydrating lip balm like Eucerin’s Intensive Lip Balm.

Dry skin
Antihistamines do wonders for allergy symptoms, but they can also dry out the skin. If you’re struggling with this problem, make sure you use a hydrating serum and moisturiser twice a day (something like Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser). Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and help with your skin’s hydration.

Allergies bring redness to your eyes, cheeks and nose, and can be very difficult to cover with just a concealer or foundation. To neutralise redness, apply a green concealer to red areas before your foundation. We love the Inglot Freedom System Cream Concealer in green.

Tired eyes
Your eyes are bound to be a bit watery and dull when hay fever strikes, and the best way to liven them up is to add a bit of blue eye make-up to the mix. Blue makes the white of your eyes appear brighter, so play around with blue mascaras, eyeliners and shadows. We love the Benefit They’re Real Mascara in blue.

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  1. And I’m off to go and buy a blue liner – perhaps a midnight or navy blue to begin with!

  2. This is really such a good read, especially with Spring literally right around the corner! (pollen allergies, etc)

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