How to: use a foot file

How to use a foot file

Summer has to come to an end and your feet may be showing it. Wearing open shoes and spending a lot of time barefoot means our feet tend to become dry and sometimes even crack. Spend some time with a foot file and a good heel balm, and you will be back to smooth feet in no time. Here’s how:

  1. Give your feet a good soak in some warm soapy water and make sure they are clean. Don’t just stand in the shower and do this, sit on the end of your bathtub and put some effort in. By soaking your feet you are softening the tough and hard skin on your heels, which is always the troublesome area.
  2. Now that your feet are soft, take your foot file or pumice stone, and using a gentle pressure, slowly slough away the thicker area that is bothering you. This is usually the heels, the ball of you foot and the sides of the big toes. By using slow movements you will get better results than if you scrub quickly and scrape with hard pressure. Try not to let the skin get hot – you will know you are not doing a good job if this happens. Go over each area at least twice.
  3. Now that you have paid some attention to the areas underneath your feet, it’s time to move to the top of your foot. Clip your toenails and remember to push back your cuticles.
  4. If your feet still have some hard patches or they tend to be very dry, use an exfoliating scrub once a week.
  5. Once you are done with your foot file, remember to clean it off and get rid of any bacteria. You don’t want build-up.
  6. Apply a nourishing heel balm and massage it into your heels. Repeat this once a week until you are happy with the texture of your skin. It is always best to do this before bed so the product can absorb properly.

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  1. This will help me in my project next week to present some informations about foot file.

  2. I will admit I have dry cracked heels. A foot file really helps get rid of dry heels as well as lotion or foot cream.

  3. I love to go to the Salon and treat to a Pedicure. The feet and the nails are done for you and you feel different.

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