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Inglot HD Powder

Available in five subtle colours, INGLOT’s new HD Illuminizing Loose Powder will let your face glow like never before. The skin-loving ingredients include premium silicone powder and diamond dust, perfect to hide skin’s little imperfections and leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Outstanding film-forming agents will provide a smooth and long-lasting finish. Ideal for everyday use, this product may also be used for filming in high definition and will ensure the face looks flawless even on a big screen. INGLOT HD Illuminizing Loose Powder can be used on bare skin, over foundation and all over the eye area preventing colour grabbing to skin, ensuring easy and perfect blending of the eyeshadow.

Price: R299
Availability: Inglot stores nationwide

What we say:
I was quite intrigued when I opened my Inglot HD Loose Powder to find that Shade 41 looks very pink. At first I thought that I would only be able to use this powder as a highlighter, but it works wonderfully as an all-over setting powder. I apply it after my foundation and concealer and it sets my make-up beautifully. It smooths out my complexion and it keeps shine at bay. I also use it for touch-ups during the day. This powder does not cover anything, but instead it freshens my skin and gives me a beautiful glow. The powder contains diamond dust which also made me think twice about using it as a setting powder, but the particles are very fine and do not make me look like a glitter ball (surprisingly). It actually looks very pretty in direct sunlight.

I also took a selfie to see how it performs with flash photography and my skin looks radiant in photos. The powder itself is super fine and applies very smoothly. And I love that it’s not scented. No matter how much you apply, it never looks ‘caked on’. The powder also does not accentuate any of my fine lines and wrinkles. The packaging is a thick plastic jar, which is very sturdy. I was a bit disappointed that the jar is not as big as I thought it would be and it only contains 4.5g of product. It does make it more travel friendly though. I have to mention the amazing powder puff that it comes with! First thing I usually do is toss the sponge that comes with any powder, but this puff is amazing. It is so soft and fluffy and will still be used long after I have finished the powder. I simply adore this powder and I really enjoy using it. It is a great multi-use product and worth investing in.
– Charlene

I’m not a fan of loose powders, due to it making make-up look cakey and dated, but being a makeup artist I love trying new products and this one really exceeded my expectations. I found this powder to be so versatile. It can be used as an all over face powder to set your foundation or on bare skin, a highlighter & an eyeshadow primer all in 1 product. The packaging is straight forward but looks sleek and professional. I used shade 43. It is a fine milled powder which has a golden iridescent shimmer. The shimmer is subtle so it’s perfect for everyday use. The shade looked quite light in the tub, but once I dusted it on my skin it was translucent and left my skin looking instantly smoother & radiant. It claims that the diamond dust and silicone makes imperfections appear less visible and I found it did just that. My foundation and eyeshadow lasted all day and didn’t settle into creases or my smile lines :)  All in all, this powder is a definite must have. I’m definitely going to add this product to my makeup kit as its perfect for photographic make-up too.
– Mariam

I was very surprised at how my face and eye make up lasted throughout the day with this amazing loose power. This peachy shade I found fits all skin tones, disappearing into your skin upon contact. Most of the loose powders that I have used over the years, tend to make my skin look caked-on and make my skin feel heavy and sometimes tight. With this powder I found is lightweight in texture but heavy on making your skin looks absolutely radiant. The texture is fine and definitely not powdery and it gives your skin an amazing finish and wonderful look. If I have to give this product a star rating it will be a 5* and I will recommend it to anyone anytime.
– Wyona

The purpose of this powder is to give you glowing skin but not shiny. I love the packaging of the product as it is in a very nice container that you don’t mind showing off. It won’t split into your bag as it has a very nice lid that closes up well. The product smells good, with not too much of a scent. The product is very reliable to keep your skin shine free for a very long time.

It is different to other loose powder as when you have applied it, you don’t feel the need to apply blush anymore because you look stunning. People love it and always ask me about it. It last me for a very long time, if not whole day. I am very happy with it and I would purchase it again and again. I however notice that it makes my skin dry sometimes, what would you recommend I apply to my skin before using it.
– Emily

Inglot HD Illuminizing Loose Powder! Dewy skin in a jar, which is what this is. I look and feel like a goddess when I wear this and trust me, I wear it every day, ever since I got it. I received the powder, in the Shade 45. While I was afraid of the way the colour looks in the jar, it glides on beautifully over the skin; and oxidizes to match my skin tone perfectly. The powder lasts for over 3-4 hours on a very hot day before there is need for me to use any blotting tissue; and over 6 hours on cooler days.

The powder comes in a well labeled; simple, yet attractive; transparent jar with a black lid. It comes with a powder puff and the jar itself is sealed. While the puff works great for my under eye setting, it transfers too much product when used on the rest of my face.

The product has a very subtle; pleasant smell and is very kind to my sensitive skin. In the night time, it makes me look amazing photographed, as there is no flashback. My face looks absolutely best and the comments I have been getting from the office bear testimony to that. If there is a powder I would repurchase, it is definitely this one. I rate this product 4 out of 5 Stars.
– Chido


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