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Inglot Secret Volume Mascara

Price: R179
Availability: Inglot stores nationwide

What we say:
They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul and I could not agree more. I always battle with mascara as my eyes are extremely sensitive and I am always left with “panda eyes” after a long day. So this diva had to contend with wearing no mascara and my hopes of having siren lashes was a dream. Not a pretty sight!

The sleek packaging of Inglot Secret Volume Mascara, with its elegant packaging, immediately attracted me. I never knew that my mascara woes would be solved with one luxurious coat of this iconic mascara. The brush is absolutely amazing and just one swipe coated my sparse lashes beautifully. The application was effortless and with only 2 coats, I was stunned to see that my lashes were really transformed into sexy siren lashes, bold and beautiful!

And wait, this mascara is smudge-proof, highly pigmented and suitable for sensitive eyes. Well, I am impressed and I know that I can get my mascara fix at my favourite Inglot counter. The price is a bonus as well. Overall, I know that this gorgeous mascara will be my new makeup staple!
– Anisa

Inglot claims that this mascara is supposed to make lashes thicker, longer and more defined so I was really excited to test it out. It came in a cute small chubby tube that had a silicone brush. I’m usually not a fan of silicone brushes but this one was easy to apply.

It didn’t smudge and one coat was enough to make my lashes appear neat, longer & fuller and it stayed the entire day without flaking. Overall I’m really impressed with this mascara from Inglot. It delivered on all its promises so I’ll definitely recommend it & I will be purchasing it.
– Akiena

There are so many awesome things about this product that I totally love. The mascara is so easy and simple to apply without creating any clumps or smudges. It does not flake like most brands and it is also easy to remove.

With one application it immediately lengthens and volumizes each lash giving it that perfect natural look. The packaging is simple and compact suitable for any handbag.

The silicone brush is carefully designed for quick, precise and even application from the root providing an intense look. I would definitely purchase this product again and recommend to family and friends.
– Zareena

On opening the mascara packaging I was a little astounded by the size of the tube, a short stubby tube which only holds 6,5ml. This is quite a bit smaller than other mascaras, but I have now decided that the saying “Dynamite come in small packages” is true! I was also skeptical because I only use waterproof mascara as I tend to get raccoon eyes during the day, so I thought that this would be an interesting product to try to break out of the “waterproof” mold.

This product claims to offer added volume – at first glance once you have applied it, it does not appear as if your lashes are as thick as they would be with other volume mascaras, but they do call this “Secret Volume” for a reason. Once your second coat is applied it give the impression of fake lashes! Each lash is individually coated by the large, silicone brush and looks remarkable. There is no clumping and certainly no raccoon eyes.

I definitely recommend this product, and have sent a number of friends off to purchase a tube.
– Nikki

Inglot’s Secret Volume Mascara promises thicker, longer and more defined lashes. The brush is thicker than I’m used to using, but that turned out to be a blessing. I used the serum before using the mascara, and found that one application was enough. My lashes looked natural but well defined. The mascara lasted all day and did not feel heavy on my eyes. I am glad to report that it did not clump as most mascaras do.

There was no scent, which was a plus. Although I did find the mascara to be easy to use and even though it did give good results, I don’t think I would purchase it as my current mascara seems to be a better buy and gives better results for a smaller price tag.
– Shakira


2 Responses

  1. I love Inglot mascara, they are made with an amazing formula that does not clump. I am currently obsessed with the combination on their Perfect Length & Define Mascara as a first coat followed by the False Lash Effect mascara to take my lashes from barely there to va-va voom.

  2. I would love to try out this mascara, it sounds amazing. I am in love with mascara as it gives me that right amount of flirty eyes and makes me look beautiful.

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