JOHNSON’S® Hydration Essentials Facial Cleanser Trial Team

Hydration Essentials Facial Cleanser

Price: R47.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
Week 1: Attractive and Fresh looking plastic squeeze container with a flip cap. Very convenient packaging as the container stands on the flip cap side. Also very shower friendly packaging as there is no concern for breakage should the container fall.

Once I opened the cap, the fresh smell immediately reminded me of a sea side holiday, sipping on a refreshing cocktail consisting of crushed watermelon and Cucumber. Who doesn’t want to put that on their face! The face wash is a very light consistency in bright turquoise that doesn’t “soap up”, but one can still feel it emulsify as you wash your face. After one wash your face definitely feels clean and refreshed. I’ve noticed some “tingling” sensation on my face whilst washing, but not sure if this is something the face wash is supposed to do or if it’s a sensitivity reaction – although I haven’t noticed any negative reaction to the product. Only more usage of the product can confirm.

All in all – a very good product, very affordable at R47.99 and well worth trying! If all goes well and I don’t suffer any sensitivity to product with further use, I will easily replace my R200 face wash with this product!

Week 2: That’s it… I have replaced my R200+ face wash gel with a R47.99 face wash gel! I am in love with this product. The cooling effect it has on my skin and the gorgeous smell, not to mention the price tag – this product simply can’t compare! I must admit that I’m a bit annoyed with the fact that I now constantly have to go to my husband’s bathroom to go and get MY face wash, as he now also took a liking to this product!
– Louise

I love this cleanser. It leaves my face perfectly clean and without drying effects or any irritation. It’s perfect for combination to oily skin. It’s the best cleanser I ever tried.

After using this, my face is clean, smooth, non-irritated and hydrated. A small amount of this cleanser goes along way and my skin remains squeaky clean with no residue.

I actually tore the packet open to see how it looks inside because the packaging itself looked so pretty. It felt like it was my birthday and it made me feel so special. I liked the ribbon idea and the inside looked nice too. It’s my favourite colour & I love it. The Johnsons Hydration Facial Cleaner is a very nice product and easy to use, it makes you face feel soft and smooth. It’s nice to use it in the mornings especially when you feel so tired – it’s the best way to start your day.

With beautiful blue packaging and the freshest summer scent, Johnson’s Hydration Essentials are a stand out on the shelf and a pleasure on the nose. The product, aiming to cleanse whilst maintaining a perfect level of hydration for your face, has been a pleasure to use.

Don’t expect a super foamy consistency in the cleanser and I’ve found I’ve had to use about two pea size drops to get a significant lather. With no effect on the product’s effectiveness, this is simply a note to consider for your personal preference. I will certainly continue the Hydration Essentials regime to ensure the summer sun does not succeed is seeping the moisture from me.
– Alexia

Week 1: I received the Johnsons products in good order and in a well-presented box. The products are packaged in fresh calming colours, something that I so loved when I saw them. I immediately got down to trying out the items. Firstly I used the skin care wipes. They glide so softly onto my skin, cleansing and moisturising at the same time. I washed with the facial cleanser and lastly used the mask according to package instructions, so far so good.

Week 2: I liked the soapy feel and the colour of the product was perfect. It did not dry out my face and it lived up to its name, by making my face feel smooth. It works even better with your pores opened up through facial steaming. I also used my hand held facial cleansing machine which gave a better feel and smoothness.
– Kaishene


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  1. I agree with the reviews. This cleaners is great to use. Especially on days when you don’t want to have make-up on.

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