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Hydration Essentials Face Wipes

Price: R47.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

Week 1: Nice and small, convenient packaging with a re-sealable flap. Once opened you are made instantly aware of the fresh, relaxing smell of the wipes. Extremely soft in texture and with ample “wetness” to clean the entire face and neckline. What I like most of the wipe is the thickness and “stretchiness” of it. As I use Double Wear Camouflage foundation, I was very surprised by the way this wipe cleansed my face prior to me using the face wash. I however found that it works even better after I’ve used the face wash, to thoroughly clean my eye area of stubborn eyeliner & waterproof mascara, and it’s extremely gently on my eyes. Excellent value for under R50 for 25 wipes.

Week 2: I am LOVING this product and can now say that I constantly have a pack of this in my makeup bag as well as my bathroom cabinet! The only problem is finding it in the shops… it’s still a bit new I guess. I can’t get over the thickness and the stretchiness of this wipe. This is definitely one wipe that goes a looooooooong way!
– Louise

The packaging of the wipes is very attractive and I love the ‘fresh-feel’ of the blue colour. It definitely makes me think of the ocean. The package is convenient, and the sticker closure stays firmly shut after opening.

The wipes are oil and alcohol free. I like that these wipes lift away foundation, powder, lipstick and most eye makeup without leaving a sticky film on my skin. However, the package says the wipes also lift waterproof mascara, but when I used the wipes to remove waterproof liquid eye-liner and waterproof mascara from my lashes, they left behind plenty of product. Although the Hydration Essential Facial Wipes didn’t remove all of my makeup, I still think they’d be great for people sensitive to oils, dyes, perfumes and alcohol. I was also pleasantly surprised that the wipes didn’t dry out my skin and leave that ‘stretchy/pully’ feeling when dry. And because it’s rare to find a wipe that doesn’t leave a sticky film behind, I still plan on keeping a pack around.
– Landy

I actually tore the packet open to see how it looks inside because the packaging itself looked so pretty. It felt like it was my birthday and it made me feel so special. I liked the ribbon idea and the inside looked nice too. It’s my favourite colour & I love it. The Johnsons Hydration Wipes packet is easy to open and the wipes itself are very soft and moisturizing, leaving your face feeling refreshed after using them.

With beautiful blue packaging and the freshest summer scent, Johnson’s Hydration Essentials are a stand out on the shelf and a pleasure on the nose. The product, aiming to cleanse whilst maintaining a perfect level of hydration for your face, has been a pleasure to use. The cleansing wipes are super effective and leave my skin feeling fresh without needing to use excessive force to rub foundation off like many other brands’ wipes. My only gripe is the wipes’ packaging that relies on the old sticky packet flap that I am fairly certain will lose its adhesion any day now causing the wipes to dry it- #epicfail.

I will certainly continue the Hydration Essentials regime to ensure the summer sun does not succeed is seeping the moisture from me.
– Alexia

Week 1: I received the Johnsons products in good order and in a well-presented box. The products are packaged in fresh calming colours, something that I so loved when I saw them. I immediately got down to trying out the items. Firstly I used the skin care wipes. They glide so softly onto my skin, cleansing and moisturising at the same time. I washed with the facial cleanser and lastly used the mask according to package instructions, so far so good.

Week 2: My make upcame off easily with the wipes. They are so soft and hydrating that I even took it to the next level and slept a night without night cream and my face was soft and subtle the next morning. I would definitely continue with the wipes as part of my skin care regime. It also removes waterproof mascara with a few swipes.
– Kaishene


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  1. I use this. Too lazy to wash your face after a night out? This is my go to product to quickly and efficiently remove makeup. No breakouts or black mascara marks in the morning.

  2. Wow sounds amazing. I’m struggling with mascara as it’s difficult to take it off. I’m going to try these wipes & see if they can help me!

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