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L’Oréal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Trial Team

Loreal Visible Lift

Introducing a breakthrough in age minimising make-up. Only Visible Lift® Serum Absolute features an age reversing serum of 5 ingredients in 1 luminous make-up. New Visible Lift® Serum Absolute Makeup instantly evens skin tone with a luxuriously lightweight formula that doesn’t settle into lines and wrinkles. In four weeks, the potent formula addresses five signs of aging to visibly transform skin to smoother, firmer, brighter, even, and flawless.

Price: R229.95
Size: 30ml
Availability: Selected retail stores and pharmacies

What we say:
L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute is a light-as-air foundation with SPF 17 – perfect for us South African ladies. It comes in a bottle pretty enough to leave on display and the pump makes the application of the tiny amount needed easy. Being so light, it blends beautifully and quickly – very important in a morning regime if you want to miss traffic – and is one of the few products I have found that doesn’t aggravate my oily skin – in fact, it hardly feels as though I have any make-up on. My skin feels smoother, and because the foundation lasts day into night without needing to be reapplied or retouched, I feel that little bit more confident. Knowing that this tiny bit of magic is working to reverse the effects of aging my skin and is starting to show is a plus. I will definitely be buying this product again.
– Robyn

The product is touted as a breakthrough in age minimising make-up with age reversing serum of 5 ingredients in 1 luminous make-up. It promises a visibly smoother, firmer, brighter, even and flawless skin within 4 weeks. The foundation comes in simple, but elegant packaging with a pump that takes the guesswork out of dispensing. The foundation has no discernable scent, a good sign for those with sensitive skin. The make-up has a slightly thick smooth buttery feel that makes for an easy application.

Within a week of using the breakthrough in age minimising make-up, my skin felt well hydrated, smooth and nourished without feeling oily. I received compliments on how bright and youthful my skin looked. The shade I received was a tad lighter than my complexion, so I use a darker mineral powder to compensate. No touch ups needed for 8 hours. For a girl with an over active oily T-zone and someone who is too lazy to constantly powder her nose, this is a marvel. I love the foundation and I recommend it to anyone who seeks an even flawless skin, blooming with a youthful glow that lasts.
– Ncomeka

The purpose of the product is as a foundation as well as a sunscreen. The packaging of the product is very practical as it facilitates easy usage, allowing me to use it as I need, thus preventing wastage. The packaging is attractive.

On a personal note, I would not be visually drawn to the product, as I have never used liquid foundation. I normally use powder foundation. However, the colour was a perfect match to my skin and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use! The product had a pleasant smell although in my experience, given the amount of product applied to my face and neck area, the smell was subtle. The consistency of liquid was silky and very smooth. I noticed a huge difference since I began using the product…. An amazing difference because I am a person who uses minimal make-up yet the effect was there. Everybody around me noticed the difference as well. For me, I applied the product in the morning after my usual facial skincare routine (cleansing, toner, serum and daywear cream) and it lasted throughout my workday.

I am very content with the effects of the product, especially since it falls in sync with my daily routine, it had a positive effect on myself visually, and that it was long lasting. I am very happy with the results of the product. I am going to repurchase it. Personally, the shade could not have been more spot on, as it looks natural and even when applied to my skin. My main concern with liquid foundations was that masked look which I loathe. I have already recommended it to others who have noticed the difference.
– Bronwyn

As a woman of 51 there are very few foundations on the market that meet the expectations of women in my age group.  I have used Revlon Age Defying With DNA Advantage for a long time as it was the closest I could get to my perfect foundation, but having tried the L’Oréal Visible Lift there is no going back.  Although the shade I received, Natural Beige, is darker than the shade (Soft Beige) I am used to using, it still complimented my skin tone and did not result in any orange tone common with darker shades.  The foundation has a really pleasant smell, easy to apply with the pump action, and although a thin consistency it gives lasting coverage all day. It goes on silky smooth, is not drying and does not cake into my fine lines and wrinkles. I would recommend one uses a moisturiser prior to applying the foundation to get the perfect canvas for the foundation. One big drawback for me is that one cannot open the bottle and therefore cannot use every ounce of the product. After about 2 weeks my skin did look tighter and smoother and friends remarked that I looked great.  After 3 ½ weeks I could definitely see a marked improvement in the depth of my lines and wrinkles. I am really impressed with the overall effect / results after using this product and would definitely recommend it and have it on my shopping list.
– Cathy

I love the L’Oréal foundation pump nozzle as it’s easy to dispense the foundation and not messy at all. I also liked the design of the bottle, the fact that it is glass and the labeling stands out with regards to what the product does. 
The texture of the foundation is very light and I found it smoothed easily onto my skin. What I liked most about the foundation is that it didn’t feel like you were wearing make-up at all. Although I did wish it lasted longer on my skin, within a few hours the foundation had worn off. I found the coverage to be very light as I have a few blemishes and it didn’t quite hide them. Since using the L’Oréal foundation I didn’t notice any fine lines being reduced. 
I found the foundation not to be for my skin type, although I would recommend it for women with ageing skin.
– Shannon


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