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Neutrogena Pore & Shine Scrub

Say goodbye to large visible pores and shiny skin. Get that fresh, flawless-looking complexion with new NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub. Enriched with tangerine & lime, the new clinically proven formula helps to tighten pores and leave a visibly matte finish.

Price: R79.99
Size: 150ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
Neutrogena equals cool. That’s what I’ve thought since I was 16 and 2004′s “It Girl”, Mischa Barton, was named spokesperson for the brand.

The newest products that the Visibly Clear line has to offer is the Pore & Shine Daily cleansers, and boy, does it deliver! The Daily Scrub has beautiful packaging – a fresh summer grass green, with black and white, making for a gorgeous, modern tube. It showcases the creamy, delicate greenish white scrub inside, hinting at the exfoliating beads mixed within.

Open that tube, close your eyes and take a deep whiff. It’s like eating a delicious, light, summer dessert while you’re sitting in a park with the sunrays dancing around you, a light breeze playing with your hair. In short, it smells AMAZING.

I have oily skin, and with this scrub, I can feel that my skin is being cleansed properly. It removes all impurities and that general yuck feeling of a hard day off your face. It’s a tiny bit on the expensive side, but anything good for your skin is an investment. And a tube does last me 2 to 3 months normally. Totally worth it!
– Danielle

I love creamy scrubs, that don’t scratch your skin, yet leave it feeling fresher and brighter. Salicyclic acid helps to cleanse and prevent breakouts. Although it is a daily scrub, I wouldn’t use it every day, even though it is super gentle. I’d use it at least 3 times a week. The micro beads are smooth, but effective. Once again there was no dry feeling, but a feeling of refreshed skin.

The scent is yummy, and it really is a pleasure to use! The scrub mattifies the skin and deep cleanses pores, without drying out the skin or leaving a tight feeling. My skin looked smoother after the first use, and I will definitely continue to use this creamy scrub. Even if you have dry and sensitive skin (which is me in winter), the scrub is creamy, moisturizing, lightly exfoliating and will not aggravate your skin.
– Azraa

The Neutrogena Pore & Shine Face Scrub is intended to give your face a deep clean whilst reducing shine and the size of your pores. It comes in a squeeze bottle of 150ml, which is long lasting as it should only be used once a day. The face scrub bottle has the same bright green colouring as the matching face wash and also has the same fresh citrus fragrance.

The face scrub is not too harsh on your skin and does not dry it out. My face felt very smooth after the first few washes and will hopefully continue to improve. The face scrub did not dramatically reduce the size of my pores but I have only been using the product for about 2 weeks. If you are after a face scrub that is not too harsh and instantly leaves your face feeling fresh, smooth and clean then this is the face scrub for you!
– Debbie

The Scrub has “exfoliating micro-beads and salicylic acid which help cleanse deep down to unclog pores” and of course the fact that it helps to eliminate shine.

I found the smell of the Scrub pleasant and inviting. I recommend one uses about a pea and half-sized amount which I found to be just enough for my face. The product has a creamy consistency (slightly more runny) and is white in colour with visible green micro-beads. The product does not foam but still spreads over the face with ease.

Initially I used the product every day, once a day; until I started to develop some fine pimples in the forehead, temple and brow areas. I thought perhaps I had been rubbing too hard when exfoliating, so I eased up on the pressure. As someone who exfoliates only twice a week, I thought perhaps daily exfoliation was too intense for my skin. I then decided to discontinue everyday use and rather use it twice a week (at night) as I had been doing with my previous scrub.

I continue to use the Scrub in this way even today and I find it effective in helping to smooth my skin and improve texture of the skin. From the third week, the shine and oil began to improve and I noticed a slight oil reduction in my forehead and brow area. Using only a pea and a half-sized amount twice a week, this product will last!
– Adelaide

Neutrogena Pore & Shine Face Scrub helps to minimize blackheads and control shiny skin by unclogging and tightening pores. As an oily-skin sufferer, I have been smitten with this range since the day it arrived in it’s bright green packaging looking ever so inviting.

The scrub is not overly abrasive, and the micro-pores are small enough to really clean out pores. The lime and tangerine extract give an all over fresh feeling – it is like a summer breeze captured in a leak-proof flip cap.

Since I began using this product in combination with the Pore & Shine Scrub I have noticed far fewer blemishes, and blackheads have certainly been controlled. The scrub lives up to its promise of visibly mattifying skin, and I will definitely be buying it again. I am looking forward to seeing it in action this summer.
– Robyn


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