Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream Trial Team

Revlon buttercream Trial Team

Price: R99.95
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
I had the honour of testing the colour Ultra Light Sun Blonde. Here are my thoughts:
– I loved the gorgeous hair of the model on the box.
– The instructions were easy to follow.
– The applicator bottle was a bit harder to squeeze than what I am used to
– The gloves included were basic.
– Caution to all: Use them! – the liquid burnt my hands them & dried my skin out extensively to a sandpaper feel.
– 2 boxes will cover thicker longer hair such as mine.
– The great noticeable difference to other similar products, was the lack of the ammoniac smell! This product is ammonia free.
– It contains mango, shea & coconut butter – made my hair shine beautifully!
– The conditioner included is really nourishing.
– I was amazed to see that even with my darker hair, it came out quite close to the colour on the box (if one follow time limits). This is a great plus point, as I battled with similar products to achieve anything close to the colour they claim on the box.

FINAL VERDICT: I am quite pleased with the effect of this product. It did deliver on colour & nourishment, as promised on the box. Definitely worth considering if you want to change your look!
– Suretha

Revlon ColorSilk Buttercream gives a rich Color and an Ultimate Shine and softness to your hair. What is really awesome is the fact that it will nourish, hydrate and condition your hair whilst giving it a great shade.

The hair dye came in a simple medium size box equipped with the gloves attached to the leaflet, which I thought was fantastic. Simple and easy to follow steps and I loved the fact that it came with an applicator which allowed me not to mess and I could easily mix the contents without any hassle and give full coverage.

I loved the package of the product, the color immediately grabbed my attention. To find a hair dye that actually smells like fruit is rare, I loved the fact that the scent was mango.

The consistency of the ingredients was great not too thick. The moment I washed off the dye I could feel my hair feeling soft and I noticed the colour change (happiness) immediately. The colour is visible which I am so happy about I just love the colour on me. After a few washes my colour is still visible and my hair is still soft and shiny.

I am completely and utterly overjoyed with the results of the product especially because the ingredients includes mango, shea and coconut. I would repurchase it because I’m totally for the shade and how vibrant my hair looks.
– Sameera

After my ombre look I was in dire need of a new colour as my hair was looking tired, lifeless and damaged. It was an absolute pleasure to apply this color, as it was easy, no mess, and the colour came out true to what it said on the box.

The application process was very quick and I managed to do it without screaming for my mom and sister to assist. It gave my hair an amazing texture, sheer smoothness and shine for days. Just about everybody commented on my hair. The cocoa-butter does wonders to the feel and look of the hair. I will definitely recommend it 100% to anyone. I feel like a supermodel thanks to Beauty South Africa and Revlon :)
– Aneesa

This is a wonderful hair colouring and will absolutely use it again.My hair is much more managable, more glossy than using another make before. I got some compliments my way, when we went to a friends house last night -her parents were also visiting, my friend had seen my hair for the first time and said it looked lovely. I have started turning grey at the temples already, but this Revlon Buttercream works like a charm covering all my grey at the temples, without burning the skin. Her mother wanted the name of the colouring, and would also now like to try it. It gives a natural covering that looks natural – like your own,which is great! Thanks Revlon!
– Tania

When I first received the Revlon Buttercream hair dye, I was pleasantly surprised! I thought the packaging looked really nice and displayed the hair color that would be inside quickly by having the model on the front taking up most of the area. I also liked how there was a “color swatch” if you will, were you could see if your hair was one color what it would turn out like, so thumbs up for the packaging definitely.

A nice thing I noticed about the packaging was that it said Ammonia free, which to me is really cool because as far as I know, that is what causes the awful smell most of the time and also the slight itchiness on the scalp sometimes, I’m not completely sure obviously, but I just liked that there was no ammonia!

The consistency I found was just spot on, sometime dyes are two thick and hard to spread, other times they are to watery and run everywhere, this one had a fantastic consistency and was so much easier to run through my hair, I also like how the application is done via the bottle with a pointed end as its PERFECT for roots!!

I did of course notice a different once I had finished dyeing my hair and I did like it no doubt, however I found that the product did not last very long on my hair at all. After about a week and a half later my hair was almost back to its original shade which was surprising, perhaps I didn’t leave it on long enough, but I don’t think so, because I read the instructions and followed them perfectly… That would be my only disappointment about this product, because I need to use a hair dye that can last at least a month.

Anyways I would however unfortunately not repurchase this product again purely based on the staying power, I really need something that can last double the length as I wash my hair so frequently, but I would be happy to recommend this product to any of my friends or family members who are looking for a less harsh effect and semi permanent color.
– Hayleigh


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