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What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
I was very skeptical about this face cloth that would remove my make-up without any face wash or make-up remover. And I am sure you are too. So I put it to the test with a full face of make-up and turquoise eyeliner. I didn’t like it the first time, I must be honest. It felt weird. I thought it was easier to just use make-up remover and my usual cleansing routine. Then I gave it another try with warmer water and I am totally impressed and have been using it every day. It removes my waterproof mascara. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and so easy to wash. I love the fact that if I have been out in the evening and I don’t feel like removing my make-up because I am tired, I simply use the Smitten ,and my skin is clean and happy in a matter of seconds. It fits your hand like a glove and you just turn it around to the clean side once the one side is dirty. To clean the Smitten they suggest using a drop of hand wash. I did, and it removed all the mascara and foundation marks. I really, really suggest you buy and try this product. Not sure why somebody didn’t think of this sooner!
– Zoe

I had my doubts about this product, but after a colleague raved about it, I gave it a try. I was completely amazed by the results. To my utter amazement it removed every last bit of make-up on my skin – including waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It is extremely soft so your skin doesn’t feel any scratching or irritation. Though it looked filthy by the time I was done with it (I did, after all, remove a full face of make-up), it came clean so easily with just a little warm water and hand soap. To this day I struggle to fathom how on earth it leaves my skin 100% dirt and impurity free without the use of any cleanser or make-up remover. And at only R99 for three to six months’ worth of use, it’s a steal!
– Anien

This revolutionary new face cloth has completely blown me away. When I first saw it I was not at all convinced that it would work to effectively clean my face, but boy was I wrong. In order to get the full benefits of the face cloth, I ditched my cleanser and for the last few weeks, I have only been using the smitten – besides for the few times a week I exfoliate.

With just warm water, this face cloth effectively removes all my make-up, even my mascara! As the face cloth has soft microfibres, it doesn’t irritate the skin like a normal face cloth would which is a huge plus for those with sensitive skin!

Since using the Smitten, I have experienced fewer breakouts & my pores are slowly starting to look a bit less noticeable. I never thought I would say so, but I will definitely be repurchasing another Smitten!
– Emily

If you are looking for a product that removes make up fast and efficiently with no cleansing wash, then you should really invest in a Smitten.  Simply wet the Smitten with warm water and wipe your face (turning around when necessary).  Your make up is removed quickly and fast – even mascara is 100% removed.

The Smitten fabric is up of tiny fibers that ensure your skin is properly cleansed.  This product is suitable for sensitive skin too – which is great for me, especially around my eye area.  There is no red or inflamed skin from harsh rubbing when using the smitten as it removes all your make up gently.  I loved the clean and smooth feeling of my skin after using the Smitten for a few days!

If you use a face sponge/cloth to wash your face – you should definitely give the Smitten a try, you will adore this product!  It is quick and easy to use and also very easy to keep clean, great for anyone who arrives home late and has to remove their make up!  No more excuses for going to bed with make up on.


2 Responses

  1. I’m a little conflicted about the rave surrounding this item. It’s not as porous as a facecloth, not as water-imbibing as a face sponge, and not very easy to wash. I’ve had mine for 4 months and I wash it with my delicate clothing every week. My mascara has turned the baby pink mitt into a dusty pink shammy. HOWEVER, the infant’s one is AMAZING. The nieces love it because it is not too wet and you can grab hold of those dried up snot flakes really quickly before the baby gets impatient.

  2. Ever since the first review on this product, I went ahead and bought one (read 5). I am convinced that this is the beauty product of the year for me.

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