Yes, you can rock beach waves all year round

Yes, you can rock beach waves all year round 1

In love with beach waves à la Blake Lively but giving them a rest now that summer’s coming to an end? They may be called beach waves, but this easy going hairstyle is the perfect laid-back look to wear all year round. They’re versatile and flattering, and they can be worn in so many different ways (think tighter curls, loose curls and every shape of wave in between).

So what exactly are beach waves? You know that tousled shape your hair takes after a swim in the ocean? Those are beach waves – messy, tousled waves that can be curly or wavy. Beach waves are great because they’re flattering on all hair types. And guess what? They’re far easier to achieve than you may think.

Using a heat styling tool is the easiest way to achieve waves. We usually create curls rather than waves and then deconstruct the curls into a messier texture. These wear really well and the waves should last for a good couple of hours. We recommend using a curling wand, but if you don’t have one, your flat iron will do too.

If you have a curling iron, try these simple steps (courtesy of ghd).

Yes, you can rock beach waves all year round 2

This helpful video from Remington is a great guide for creating curls with a flat iron.

Once your curls are in place, the fun begins! Start by running your fingers through them, loosening them as you go. You can even run a comb through them (but be extra gentle).

Yes, you can rock beach waves all year round 3

Invest in a couple of good quality hair care products to nourish your hair and encourage the wave to hold.

The Divine Curls Collection from Inoar enriches curls with the benefits of antioxidants, golden flaxeed and pequi oil for frizz-free curls and added bounce. The Low Poo Shampoo and No Poo Conditioner are a great place to start and will get your canvas wave-ready – they’re suitable for every type of curl.

For texture, we recommend a few spritzes of Lush’s Sea Spray Hair Mist (R220.00). It gives light hold and adds shine thanks to mineral-rich fine sea salt, sea water, a seaweed extract and glycerine. For volume, spray it onto wet roots and then dry your hair for lift. For a messy, textured look, spray directly onto dry hair and scrunch the hair up, holding it for a few seconds after each spray.

Restore bounce and revive your hair’s elasticity with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Dream Curls Mousse (R115.95). Start by flipping your head over and applying product at roots, moving out toward the ends. Flip hair back over and run a wide tooth comb through for even distribution and tangle-free hair. This mousse for curly hair gives controlled hold and definition, so you can conquer each day with beautifully defined, natural-looking curls.

Got any beach waves tips of your own? Share them in the comments section below.


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  1. After hair is Washed lightly brow dry. Put a pony tail and twist the pony tail and roll it up and secure it with a hairpin or 2. blow dry the rolled up knot and leave for 2 hours. open hair and you will get lovely waves.

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